BH3 #587

BH3 #587

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hare: Barnacle

Start: Flatbush Avenue and St John’s Place

On-In: Boat

Scribe: Drippy Sac

To set up a proper pity party for our hare, take a look at his FB posts during the course of the day:

“Is watching the weather very closely in order to figure out (1) when to set trail and (2) in what medium”

“Trail set! 4.1 miles, start is Grand Army Plaza stop on the 2/3”

“Really at 5pm, forecast said no rain until 11pm all of a sudden now light rain at his very moment?  Trail is already set… arg”

“Trail washed out, less then (sic) one our (sic) to set it again”


So to summarize, our hare decided to trust “the internet” and as a result, had to set trail twice.  I’d say that for his use of technology, our hare deserved to set trail twice, wouldn’t you agree?


A relatively small pack set off on a slightly wet, slightly cool evening after receiving slightly complicated directions: marks are in chalk and flour except when they’re not, and falses have been marked unless they’ve been washed out.  Awesome.  After traipsing around the scenic areas of Brooklyn (warehouses, garbage dumps), the trail ended at Boat Bar.



·         Hare: Barnacle for setting a shitty trail

·         Virgins: Denise and Eric (another one!  Since we already have three, we’ll swap you out for one of the others)

·         Barnacle, Death Breast, Drippy Sac and Eager 4 Beaver:  for being racists and running races on the Sunday prior to the hash and then running trail.  Technically, Barnacle ran a race two Sundays prior but apparently he ran 39 miles up and down a hill in the mud and rain.  Respect

·         Hedgehog:  for bragging about how he was comparing the GPS quality of his Garmin vs his iPhone.  No… we’re not racist at all

·         Cheeky Bastard: For darting in front of traffic numerous times.  Cheeky indeed…

·         Lexi’s Bitch: For not only stopping to sniff the sweet aroma of THC on trail, but also for commenting on the quality of said THC

·         Eager 4 Beaver: for confusing Dr. Bruce for Dr. Steve – do they all look the same to you?!?!  (Scribe’s note: I’m glad we don’t have five Asians on trail at once.  Otherwise Eager 4 Beaver’s head might explode from confusion)

·         Headlights: for giving everyone a taste of a little “sweet jesus” salami (or maybe it wasn’t so little?)

·         Baboon Ass:  for running extra miles because trail wasn’t long enough.  That explains why she’s always DFL… really.

·         Headlights and Cone-a-lingus: When Cone-a-lingus showed up to the on-in, literally only seven seconds had elapsed before he whipped out his VERY LITTLE Paine to Pain finishers medal (racist!).  Undeterred, Headlights whipped out her wineglass marathon finishers medal to compare and contrast.  And yes, Headlights is more than a little bigger than Cone-a-lingus


The pack enjoyed some pizza and some more of Headlight’s succulent, sweet salami and then drank… and drank some more.