NYCH3 #1451

Sunday, October 23, 2011, 3pm

NYCH3 #1451

Start / Prelube: Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub, 29 St Marks Pl btw 2nd & 3rd Ave

On-In: Grassroots Tavern, 20 St Marks Pl btw 2nd & 3rd Ave

Hare: I Feel Tower

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Fire in the Piehole

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered somewhere on St Marks Pl, the hare couldn’t make up his mind where he wanted us and none of us can read Chinese anyway.  We eventually settled for the middle of the road.  There were so many people on the sidewalks, that was the only place you could r*n.

In spite of our brazen disregard for sidewalk etiquette, we all ended up safely at the Grassroots Tavern and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hare: I Feel Tower

Visitors: Klingon & Jumping Jack Gash

Virgins: Just Dave, Just Emily, Just Amanda & Just Kate

Rack-N-Roller: Some bystander mistook her for a Goddess and prostrated himself at her feet in order to worship her

Skidmark: Wanted all the beer for himself so he left an unintelligible message on the hotline so nobody else could find the place

Dirty Udders, Just Henry, Wet Willy, Speedo Gonzalez & Just Miguel: For wearing r*ce shirts

Pimpy Longstocking: Girls should be barefoot and pregnant and like it in the kitchen, showing off their a$$ets

 Wet Willy & Speedo Gonzalez: For wearing matching r*ce shirts

Dirty Udders & Just Judith: For being FRB’s with a$$ets

Fast American Dave: Got A$$hole of the week for raceist behavior.  Get out of the way, we’re trying to run here!

So much raceist behavior this week.  You’d think we were getting ready for a marathon or something!