BH3 Zombie Hash

BH3 Zombie Hash

BH3 Zombie Hash When: 6:00pm Pre-lube / make-up / costume putting on. "Run" starts at 7:00pm

Where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn – Pre-lube location will be posted soon 

When: 6:00pm Pre-lube / make-up / costume putting on. "Run" starts at 7:00pm

How does this HASH work?
The hares or “humans” will be given a five minute head start. They will mark a trail with chalk (or flour weather / ground depending). The zombie hoard or "pack" will try to follow this trail and catch one or more of the hares. If caught, the hare will become a zombie and join the hoard trying to catch the other hares.

We will make our way to a bar and then feast on brains and BEER!

Why Williamsburg? 
Some have asked this question. Isn't it obvious? Hipsters would be the first to expire come the Zombie apocalypse

How many live hares?
The plan is 4, we are still recruiting the living, more info on the hares will come

How much is HASH cash?
Or for you that may be new to HASHing, how much does it cost? The standard 20 dollars gets you beer and brains!

What kind of Zombies can we expect?
Any kind to be blunt. Expect some Romero zombies (ie slow and undead) , also Fast ones (aka 28 days later) and / or talking ones (like Return of the living dead).

Do I have to dress up / wear make up and look like a Zombie?
It is highly encouraged, but you don't have to, no.

Contact Barnacle (aka Bob) 
Email: iscdn at

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