BH3 #586

BH3 #586
Monday, September 26, 2011
Start: 4th Avenue and Pacific Street
Hare: Whoremaster
On-in: Lucky 13 Saloon
Scribe: Just Nicole

The pack gathered like eager school children at 4th Ave and Pacific to enjoy an early fall run in 80% humidity. Nestled between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, we made our way through Gowanus. As a hub for shipping and light manufacturing, it seemed the perfect place for the pack to take in the local sights: belligerent youngsters, seemingly endless blocks of shipping containers, and roomy warehouse spaces where the locals gather.   
The sights and sounds culminated at Lucky 13 Saloon, where the wonderment of alternative lifestyles were abound.  We did manage to take a small break from the heavy metal, go go dancing (so I’ve heard),  and umm.. alternative videos.. to hand out a few down downs:
 – Hare: Whoremaster
 – Virgins: None
 – Visitors: The Saint
 – FMIG: Doing Trigonometry on Trail
 – Wharemaster: Lecturing the pack on how to check
 – Just Matt: Starting fights only to run away
 – Dental Damned: Stocking up on free condemns at the bar
 – Smashmouth: Over excitement over the promise of go go dancing
   Hedgehog: Over excitement over the prospect of being a go go dancer
 – Whoremaster: Chinese versus Pizza food poll
 – Hash Trivia Team – Won a bar trivia night
 – FMIG: Enticing Technically Foul to touch his shorts