NYCH3 #1446

Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 7pm

NYCH3 #1446

Start / Prelube / On-In: 169 Bar, 169 East Broadway at Ruggers St.

Hares: Gabe the Babe & Doggie Erectus

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Fast American Dave

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at 169 Bar for an amazingly well-laid hash.  I’m the one writing about my own trail so it happened just that way.  There were a few wankers that said it started raining just before the start and washed all the marks away, but they’re a bunch of malcontents.  They’re so deluded they even gave Pimpy Longstocking credit for setting out with a trail map and chalk to refresh the marks.

But whatever version of the story you believe, we all ended up back at 169 Bar and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Gabe the Babe & Doggie Erectus

Visitors: You Never & Just Dave

Just Judith: For asking the local Chinatown residents "Where’s the Hash?"

Type A-Hole: For giving an unofficial Down-Down to Nads on Film for doing work at the bar.  Rather than make Nads drink, A-Hole just dumped Nads’ own beer on him

I Feel Tower: For using technology (badly) on trail and dropping his phone

Death Breast: For being afraid of a little rain and saying "Just get me to the f**king bar"

Bahamundi: For encountering a walkman wearing, coffee drinking, inconsiderate local and giving him an earful

Pimpy Longstocking: For giving the pack a head start before leading them from behind

Type A-Hole & Lazer Labia: For having a CUNT hash competing with the NASS hash

Many other wonderful things happened at this On-In, as long as I’m the one telling the tale.  But eventually the pizza and beer ran out.  And so did I.