NYCH3 #1442, The Catholic School Girl Hash

Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 7pm

NYCH3 #1442, The Catholic School Girl Hash

Start / Prelube / On-In: The Irish Rogue (upstairs) 44th & 9th Ave

Hares: The Harriettes Committee

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking, Fast American Dave, Salt Lick, US Marine Whore & Trips and Balls

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at The Irish Rogue for our annual Catholic Schoolgirl Hash.  It’s the naughty fantasy of schoolboys (and many schoolgirls!) of all ages.  This year promised to live up to the lascivious lechery of previous years, judging by the costumes of the schoolgirls.  It also promised to live up to the nightmare-inducing latency of previous years, judging by the costumes of the schoolboys.  I saw one boy wriggling suggestively into his skirt so I made a hasty exit from the bar to get on trail.  The people on the street were curious to say the least.  The cops in Times Square were amused and tolerant.

Eventually we found our way back to The Irish Rogue and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Noah’s Dinghy, US Marine Whore, Salt Lick, Trips and Balls & Finger F**ked

The Priests: G-Dick, Punk A$$ Bitch, Flabio & one other

Visitors: Jizzzzzz, Gargle Nuts & Jersey A$$hole

Virgins: Too many to count.  I bet most of them aren’t virgins anymore 😉

Punk A$$ Bitch: For losing his panties.  More on this later…

Copa cum Bloody: A$$hole of the week for paying $19 hash cash.  He redeemed himself by raising the last $1 by giving Finger F**ked a lap dance

Pimpy Longstocking: He didn’t live up to his name by wearing short socks that clashed with his outfit.  He shot the boot for it

At this point we added a few game show hosts to the circle and started awarding prizes:

Best Clergy-Man Outfit: Just Ed (the nun)

Naughtiest: Mary Quite Contrary (suspenders & lace gloves & not much else)

He just looked disgusting: Speedo Gonzalez (he really did)

Most Innocent: Lazer Labia (yeah right)

Nastiest Skirts: Cheeky Bastard & Just Juan (he couldn’t have Just Juan drink so he had two drinks)

Best Schoolboy: Between Lexi’s Bitch, Pimply Longstocking, Just Sean, Just Peter & Nads on Film.  And the winner was Just Peter

Best Schoolgirl: Between Just Leslie, Trips and Balls (aka Cafeteria Lady), MILF and Cookies & Technically Foul.  And the winner was Technically Foul

Just Sean realized at that moment that he wasn’t wearing any panties (and showed us what wasn’t under his skirt) and claimed the panties Punk A$$ Bitch lost earlier

Salt Lick: For her birthday

It was kind of a long circle and it was starting to look and feel like a bath house with all the costumes coming off in there, so I took a good look and took off.


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