NYCH3 #1437, NAWW in Summer Hash

Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 7pm

NYCH3 #1437, NAWW in Summer Hash

Start: Central Park entrance at 110th St & Central Park West

On-In: Subway Inn, 143 E 60th St @ Lexington

Hares: NAWW Committee

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Fire in the Piehole

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at 110th St and Central Park West.  The heat wave seems to have relented a bit so we were anxious to r*n in sub-90 degree temperature.  But in a naked power grab, Splat seems to have eliminated all the other NAWW committee members so he had to do all the committee things by himself.  Like explaining all this insanity to the newcomers.  He tried to soften the blow of doing away with the others by promising us an ice cream check on trail.  We totally forgot about the other committee members and took off in search of ice cream.

We eventually found the ice cream check and then made our way to Subway Inn and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hare: Splat

Virgins: Just Ray, Just Mariam, Just Christine, Just Melissa & Just Erin

Just Ray & Just Elizabeth: Just Elizabeth made him cum but was too tired to warn him not to wear headphones

Visitors: Return to Gender, Makes His Own Gravy & Bouncing Boobs

Ewa & Sucks After Dark: As DFL’s, they got to the zoo after it closed and had to go around

Fast American Dave: Joined up with the pack at the last check and said he had r*n the whole trail

Glöggman: For running laps around the Great Hill

Sir Shaves a Lot: For cumming in a taxi

Just Tania: It’s her birthday

Cheeky Bastard: A$$hole of the week for pissing off a little old lady & a man with his dog.  He was so tough that he mouthed off to the toughest adversary, the dog

Head Up Ass: For cumming once a year

Pecker Wrecker: For unabashed raceism

The bartenders at Subway Inn are very attentive, as well as being aficionados of circle.  Each time the circle paused in between Down-Downs, they turned the music back up.  Maybe not so affectionate after all, but they kept the beer flowing.  But it was London Rules so there was no food.  All beer and no food makes Doggie a sloppy boy.  So I left to find some pizza.