BH3 #575

Brooklyn H3 575 — July 11, 2011

START:  Franklin Ave & Eastern Parkway
ON-IN:  Shenanigans, Caton Ave & East 8th St
HARES:  Vote For Pedro & Tiger Trax
SCRIBE:  Speedo Gonzalez

Who likes drink checks?  Who DOESN’T like drink checks?  Some of my best friends are drink checks!  And so, with Vote For Pedro and Tiger Trax promising not one but TWO drink checks, well, how could anyone resist?

Alas, to get to the drink checks, one had to run the trail, and here is where our troubles began.  You see, sidewalk chalk comes in many colors, some of which are so bright and reflective they can be seen from space.  That wasn’t the color our illustrious Hares picked.  They went with "invisible," and then, as though rightfully ashamed of their color choice, made the arrows as small as possible.  So needless to say, there was some confusion at the start.  But Hashers, drawn like bloodhounds to the scent of booze, eventually found their way.

Drink Check #1 was in the lobby of what I can only assume was Tiger Trax’s apartment.  Now we know where she lives!  We had a refreshing shot of lemonade and vodka, and then like a bunch of idiots, kept on running.

Our path eventually led to Prospect Park, because it was there, presenting an opportunity to clamber over walls and up hills and through the grass and up more hills until finally we arrived at Drink Check #2:  a bag of PBR’s hidden by a tree.  At least, we assumed this was Drink Check #2.  The "BC" written on the ground next to it could very well have stood for Big Charlie, the homeless guy those beers belonged to, but if so, fuck that guy, it was hot and we were thirsty.

Eventually we got out of the park, on the side that guaranteed we’d be going to Shenanigans.  Because it’s there.  And while the bartender loaded the jukebox with songs about or tangentially involving running, we drank and drank and drank like all good Hashers do on a Monday night.

At some point, there was a circle, and down-downs were distributed.  Who got them?  Fucked if I remember.  I was there, I know that much.  And Canine Fixation and Noah’s Dinghy handed me a very legible list of all the down-downs, which I safely tucked into my pocket and promptly laundered when I got home.  So, um…

– The hares were given drinks, obviously.
– Visitors & Virgins.  There were those.  Like that couple from Australia!  Who had a song for us that was pretty much exactly the same as one of the songs we already knew, only the first line was changed.  No, I don’t remember what the line was changed to, did you miss the part about two drink checks?
– Robbie, who Hashes pretty damn regularly, was called out for claiming she doesn’t actually like beer.  I know, right?  That’s insane.
– Trader Blows and some handsome devil whose name eludes me at this moment were called out, because oh-fine-it-was-me walked in on TB changing, like he was supposed to have committed to memory that the locks on the bathrooms don’t work.

I know there were more.  There had to have been more.  But I washed the notes.  I’m sorry.

Hash cash never ran out, and we’re still drinking at Shenanigans right now.