NYCH3 #1433

NYCH3 #1433

Start: 2nd Ave btw 3rd & 4th Sts, Prelube at Dempsey’s Pub, 61 2nd Ave

On-In: White Horse Tavern, 25 Bridge St

Hares: New York C*ck Exchange & P*ssy in Boots

Circle Emcees: Pimpy Longstocking & Tit Totaller

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at Dempsey’s Pub for our weekly addition of beer, pizza & r*nning (not in that order, but by order of importance).  It was pretty hot out so the hares had planned a drink stop manned (womanned?) by their GMR teammates and some other On-In fun.  So we took off, anxious to beat the heat.  We eventually came to the White Horse Tavern and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: New York C*ck Exchange & P*ssy in Boots

Visitor: Anchors A Gay

Virgins: Just Lindsay, Just Liz, Just Gizella & Just Jason

Anchors A Gay: For wearing an X-Mormon Drinking Team Shirt when we all know that Mormons drink sherbet mixed with Sprite

Cheeky Bastard: His third leg is harder than yours

Just Sean: Didn’t remember all those people ahead of him and didn’t notice the upstairs at the bar and said "Holy Shit, I’m the first person here!"

US Marine Whore & Just Mika: For manning the drink stop any old place they felt like it and sending the pack off in the wrong direction

Just Matt: A$$hole of the Week for almost getting hit by a car and pushing a Harriette ahead of him to cushion the blow

Bridezilla: For wearing new shoes.  He tried to deny they were new but Cheeky Bastard sold them to him only a few hours before

Fireman Tim: He’s a real fireman now, in fact he just got a promotion

Just Mika, Just Jaime, Pervert the Frog, Not In My Hair & Splat: For their birthdays

Just Juan: For bragging about r*nning a half marathon

Copa Cum Bloody: For promising to wear a kilt and wussing out, leaving P*ssy in Boots as the only kilt-wearer

There was a bizarre moment at the Green Mountain Relay where team Sweet Action was showing off its sweet action and Speedo Gonzalez got it on tape.  Just Mika brought in a few of her booty-shaking pics from the video and we played Pin the Tail on the Mika.  She wouldn’t let us take a whack at her piñata though.