BH3 #570

Brooklyn #570

Hare:  Cheeky Bastard

Start:  15th St. and Avenue J

On In:   773 Lounge

Scribe:  Dirty Udders

Somewhere  midway through the alphabet in Brooklyn the group gathered for  Cheeky’s Bastards trail.  At the start, Cheeky announced it was his one year hashiversary and was promptly yelled at for not publicizing this.  How many additional hashers would have would have made the trip out to Avenue J to celebrate this occasion?  We will never know….

Fresh off his Memorial Day live hash, Cheeky set a well marked trail for about 20 hashers in attendance.  As the lone NJ resident attending, I couldn’t tell you where the hell we went but as one hasher proclaimed, “it wouldn’t be a CB trail without a run on the Ocean Parkway!”    The checks were annoyingly abundant but eventually the group caught on that all of the Bastard’s checks lead straight anyways.

The crew made its way back to a fantastic Irish dive where we scared away all the patrons, with the exception of one guy in the corner who kept shrieking “You’re all freaks!” during circle.  These special “freaks”  where awarded down downs,  in some particular order:

·       Virgins-Lucy who made herself cum, thank you very much!

·       Visitors-Bridezilla from Vermont

·       Blackout-New shoes and did in fact drink out of ‘em.

·       Death Breast-On trail was screamed at to “GET OUT” by a young Hasidic girl.  Not to be ordered around by an eight year old she screamed back “NO YOU GET OUT!”

·       Doner Kebab-Fell on trail, well at least we assume he did…

·       Fast American Dave-Somehow mistaken the Irish Dive for a Hasidic bar?!?!  GET OUT

·       Cheeky Bastard-For haring and having one year with hash

A good time was had and the group was treated to towers brimming with booze and multiple rounds of pizza.  Well done Cheeky,  and here’s to many more hashiversaries to come!

On out,

Dirty Udders