BH3 #569

BH3 #569 & Tour de Boroughs #1

Start & On-In: Prospect Park
Hares: Barnacle & Cheeky Bastard
Scribe: Just Laura

Monday’s hash was a hot and humid live trail in Prospect Park and its environs. Hares had their two-minute headstart, and the pack took off after them…and promptly lost the trail. Found it! Hit a check. (Was it me, or were there a lot of checks for a short trail?) More than once the hindered hashers were aided by helpful memorial day picnickers–proof positive that you can rely on the kindness of strangers. In the end everyone hauled their asses back to the start for hot dogs and brewskis, happy campers all.

Here are your holiday hash down-downs:

Hares: Barnacle & Cheeky Bastard

Visitors: Shortless and Just Alyssa from Oakland


Wet Willy & Trips n’ Balls, for having recent birthdays

Screaming O & Blackout, for getting married (just say no!)

Type A-Hole, for catching the hares

Type A-Hole & Just Laura, for new shoes (Speedo Gonzales gallantly drank in Laura’s place, as she had "other places to be" [For the record, she would rather have stayed and drunk from the shoe.])

Barnacle again, for stopping to explain to a tourist just what the Hash is, even though he was haring a live trail and the pack was gaining on him every second he spent yakking away.

FMIG, who didn’t bother to look up where the start was and just went to last year’s start location, which was wrong wrong wrong.

The Saint, who took the last veggie dog, took a single bite and hated it, and gave the rest to Lexie (the dalmatian).

Whoremaster, who e-mailed the hares to ask where the on-in was going to be, even though it said quite clearly on the website that it’d be an A-to-A trail.

Noah’s Dinghy, who when giving out the birthday down-downs, forgot that his own wife had a birthday this month as well.


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