NYCH3 #1420

NYCH3 #1420

Sunday, April 3, 2011, 3PM

Start: 38th St. & 2nd Ave. Prelube at The Bravest

On-In: Pinetree Lodge

Hare: Just Chris

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered outside of The Bravest.  Lexi was so excited to rµn that she couldn’t contain herself.  And we carefully started out.  And just as Lexi had laid a stinker, Chris had laid fine trail.  We found our way to a new place decorated in dilapidated log cabin brothel motif and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hare: Just Chris

Visitor: Just Anna

Virgins: Conrad, Andross & Robin

Andross: Again for wearing new Vibram 5 Fingers

Dr. Bruce: Lexi pooped at the start

Pimpy Longstocking: Swatted a woman hailing a cab

Since there were some odd couplings gong on this week, we had a Couple of the week contest:

Couple #1 Mean Jean & Jumpin Jack Gash both wore the same shirt

Couple #2 Evan & Andross both wore the same earrings

Couple #3 Just Anna & Red-Headed Steve both came from England

We couldn’t agree on a winner so they all drank

Chronic Aversion to Pink: AOTW for almost plowing into a woman carrying a baby

The decor of the Pinetree Lodge was so inviting and the beer prices were so low that it could become a hash favorite.  But even the best On-In’s have to end.


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