BH3 #558

BH3 #558

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hares: Technically Foul and BJ & the Bareback

Start: Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

On-In: Mission Delores

For weeks, the hash has been hearing about Purim – “It’s a fun holiday!” “It’s not a day of mourning!” “You’re allowed to eat and drink!” “It’s Jewish Halloween!” And at long last, Purim had arrived. With growing anticipation, the drool had been dripping from my sac.

The pack convened, rather appropriately, at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue where we admired some creative costumes: Headlights wanted people to stare at her… err… headlights so she came as a chest of drawers. Technically Foul was purportedly dressed like a modern queen Esther but kind of resembled a red/brown haired Marilyn Monroe pre-overdose. Cheeky Bastard went as far as shaving his beard and running in jeans while carrying a battle axe. And Barnacle? Well… for religious reasons, he decided to unveil his costume at the On-In. More on Barnacle later.

Since your scribe is from the island and has no real clue where anything in Brooklyn is, the trail description boils down to the following: The pack ran. The pack saw some water. The pack ran some more. The pack crossed some streets. Some members of the pack even looked for marks at checks. At some point, the pack founded itself in a park for drink check #1, and in keeping with the holiday, enjoyed a shot of Manischewitz wine. About 200 meters later, we stumbled across a playground for drink check #2 and a shot of Hebrew beer. And, in keeping with the joyous occasion, the local law enforcement decided to look the other way… either that or it was too cold for them.

Trail ended at Mission Delores where we enjoyed our liquid beverages, served by a bartender who looked like he had seen too many mushrooms in his life. As well, we partook in Hamantaschen, the traditional Purim snack/cookie/pastry.


  • Technically Foul and BJ & the Bareback for setting a shitty though joyous and festive trail. It was such a shitty trail that the three virgins left as soon as they could
  • Death Breast, Drag Hag, Trader Blows and Hal for serving as drink check wenches
  • Canine Fixation for receiving the “my pussy hurts award”. While many FRBs who had run either the NYC half or other NJ-based races the day before gallantly looked for marks at the checks, Canine Fixation stated that he was not checking today because he “did a long run yesterday”.
  • Hedgehog for having technology on trail by calling Little Pear
  • Blackout in lieu of Little Pear for receiving HedgeHog’s call
  • Barnacle for thinking that Purim was a holiday for non-Jews to dress up like Jews. As dumb as that may be, Barnacle does deserve some credit for not putting his costume on in front of a synagogue
  • Baboon Ass for solving a check for the very first time in her 47 years of hashing
  • Baboon Ass for celebrating her 35th birthday
  • Cheeky Bastard for scaring the neighbors by running around with a five foot battle axe. Like I said, thank God (Jewish or Catholic or pagan) that it was too cold for law enforcement
  • Cheeky Bastard again for false accusation.


Drippy Sac