BH3 #559

BH3 #559

March 28, 2011
Hares: Just Nicole and Doggie Erectus
Start: O’Keefe’s (Court St. between Joralemon and Livingston)
On In: Canal Bar, Gowanus
Scribe: Death Breast

Dear The Hash,

Sometimes, when I need you most, you are there for me. Even on a night when it’s cold. Unseasonably cold. Why is it so cold? Isn’t it going to be April this week? How the hell is this Spring? Seriously. Get it together, weather. I hate you.

But, I digress, The Hash. I know it wasn’t your fault. I understand you couldn’t give it your all on Monday. The cold weather must have caused some pack shrinkage.

Or…maybe you were warned ahead of time that the checks would take each FRB an extra 2 miles each to solve. Is that why? Maybe you knew that the long, straight pathways would lead you over the smelly Gowanus to a bar named after it. Yeah? Or maybe you knew that there would be 3 bites of Chinese food for each person. Must be it.

But, why can’t you look on the bright side of things, The Hash? There was the beer. There were cookies. There was free popcorn. And there was Cee Lo singing F.U.

And, by the way, The Hash, that Super 8 across the street from the On In…were you trying to tell me something?

I thought you should know…Headlights and Noah’s Dinghy issued a bunch of down downs:
-Hares Just Nicole and Doggie Erectus for setting something or other.
Doggie Erectus for disregarding that this was a BROOKLYN hash (MAFH!) and setting the hotline to say it’s Wednesday.
Cheeky Bastard for wearing headphones at the start (luckily he was not made to wear his down down and kicked out of the bar)
Death Breast (ME, duh) for whining at the start for the "FRBs to please mark the trail!"
Barnacle for bitching and moaning as always (directly taken from Headlights’ down down notes)
Doner Kebab for running into traffic
Eager 4 Beaver for bringing cookies to placate (or "plate cake"? …sorry) an obviously very upset The Hash
Canine Fixation for bugging E4B for a writeup again (oh, aren’t you kids lucky you have me to put these nonsensical words on a page)
Cheeky Bastard for being the only MoFo in the Hiz-ouse to not run a race the previous weekend

Anyway, The Hash, gotta get going now. Sorry for the long, rambling note. I don’t even remember why I wrote to you now. I had a bunch of beers. Ain’t that some shit.
On Out!
Death Breast

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