NYCH3 #1419

NYCH3 #1419

Sunday, March 27, 2011, 3PM

Start: South east corner of Madison Square Park (23rd and Madison)

On-In: Peter Dillon’s Pub (40th & Lexington)

Hares: Barf Fly & Just Dave

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered by Madison Square Park on a fine Sunday afternoon.  Spring is in the air and we had a good size crowd, including a bunch of virgins.  After indoctrinating them to the idiosyncrasies of the hash, Barf Fly turned the pack loose.  After losing trail in all the tourists on the High Line, we eventually found our way to the On-In and gave out Down-Downs:

Hares: Barf Fly & Just Dave

Virgins: Melissa & Madhu (the rest of the virgins put on their no entry signs and fled)

Donner Kebab & Gilden Sack: Marking falses incorrectly

Chronic Aversion to Pink: He’s averse to pink and he likes showing his butt crack

Ding: Showing up at 1:30

Melissa & Madhu: Incessantly talking about TV on trail

Ding & Gilden Sack: Teasing Lexi

Our antics did not go unnoticed.  There was a soccer team next to us in the bar.  They liked our singing, but think it’s silly to run around when not chasing a ball.  But we all agreed that the final objective is beer, and when it ran out, so did I.