BH3 #557

Hares:  Headlights & Canine Fixation, Nads on Film

Start:  15th Street & Prospect Park West

On In:  Shenanigans, E 15th & Caton Ave.


Please be advised the following did happen:

Summons given to two hashers.

Just Jason got named.

Ewa whined about how cold it was at the start.

And some crap on trail amongst the small pebble path.


It was a lovely pleasant Monday evening as I cautiously ran out of the F-train 15 St. Prospect stop with virgin, just Jeremy.  I was full of joy to see the Hares were still waiting for hash customers.  Dropped my bag and took off to enjoy the BH3 # 557.  Unbeknownst to me, a real sweaty bag gets handled by Headlights.   I will return to that sweaty bag.

Most of the trail was set with almost perfect round flour marks and chalk.  The trail took us through Prospect parks most popular destinations and unpleasant odors.  Even "On Poop" was yelled.  I caught a long glimpse of Prospect Park Lake.  Enough for me to say maybe I can have a smoke and tea.  But As I contemplated drinking tea, two hares responsible for our drink check had a date with some men in blue   uniforms and some flashing lights.

Hasher Nads on Film and Canine Fixation gladly accepted summonses (ed: sure) for being in the park after dark.  Oh yes, while Nads on film and Canine were slapped with a yellow summons, Sgt Joe Friday and P.O Pep Streebeck almost lost Nads’ ID.  The site was so unbearable it caused Just Jason and Barnacle to be tickled with fear and ran away.

The On-in at Shenanigans featured our funniest circle yet, a drink check and a naming.  The highlight of the circle was when our hare Headlights nicely described how sweaty Just Jason’s bag was. This prompted a yell from the crowd; Drippy Sac was born.  We all chuckled with our apple cider and bourbon drink check in hand.

Down Downs

Virgins:  Amanda, Jeremy

Visitors: Stomp Stomp

Headlights – Because it was her Birthday and she gave out some really cool flashlights

Just Jason – A really sweaty bag appears to have named you Drippy Sac

Just Joe – Lured by some humble pie as opposed to his girlfriend

Technically Foul – for having the creativity to create a new hash call " On Poop"

Noah’s Dinghy – for spilling beer all over Fluffy and Jack ( twice )

Smashmouth – talking to bar patron, not hashers

Just Jeremy (virgin) – Saying  " chalk" instead of "ON ON".  Jeremy also decided to pick up his cell phone on trail and perform some free running for Stomp Stomp and myself. 

Drippy Sac & Barnacle – for running away after seeing Canine Fixation and Nads on film get ticketed.



Just Dave