NYCH3 #1404

NYCH3 #1404
Sunday, December 19, 2010
Start: Mitchell Square Park, 167th St. & Broadway
On-In: Irish Eyes, 213th St. & Broadway
Hare: Devo
Scribe: Doggie Erectus
We gathered at Mitchell Square Park way-the-hell-and-gone up on 167th Street.  Our hare was late and even though it was freezing, he showed up wearing shorts and an evil grin.  He had just finished setting a trail intended for mountain bikers.  How did he find so much shiggy in Manhattan??
During our 7 mile trek though the wilderness we found a colonial mansion and a 150 year old bridge.
Upon our return to civilization, we convened the circle and gave out Down-Downs:
The Hare, Devo
Devo again for misreporting the On-In location
Eager for Beaver the Overachiever for running 22 miles
Wet Willy, Jason and Stewa for crashing on trail
Wet Willy again for using Trips and Balls apartment as a rest room
Nicole for wearing headphones on trail, taking them off and putting them back on again when Peter and Vince got too boring
Lil Dirty was given one as a random abuse of power
Viagra Vince for trying out his Spanish in the subway elevator
Lil Dirty tried to avoid us noticing her mismatched shoes until after circle, so we gave her a post-circle Down-Down
We drank Bud out of kiddie-pitchers and watched the Jets narrowly beat the Steelers.  Then it was time to go home.