BH3 #544

BH3 # 544
Start: Double Windsor
On-In: Buttermilk
Hares: Death Breast + Cheeky Bastard
Scribe: Technically Foul

I woke up the morning after the hash with a hangover and something stuck inside my bra.  That’s strange, I thought, it’s not a dollar bill, rather it’s a piece of paper with chicken scrawl on it…..oh, I see, Headlights’ write up notes!  But wait, I didn’t even r*n trail that night.  Hmm, guess I’ll have to piece things together.   I vaguely remember Death Breast bestowing this obligation to me, despite protestations that due to finals, my beer-ladled brain was a little too consumed to write anything coherent.  No such luck, the on-sec was determined that I write.  And so I obliged.  After all, it was her birthday hash.

Anyway, for the second time this month, after what I can assume was a particularly shitty trail, the hash ended at Buttermilk.  Jesus, people, can’t we at least get creative?  As for the down downs….

Death Breast and Cheeky Bastard drank for setting a shitty trail.

Death Breast, cause did you know it was her birthday?

The virgin, Just Will.  What a brave virgin, coming out in the snow!

Rack N’ Roll Her for putting a small mark in the wrong place (that’s what she said?).  And Eager for Beaver for falsely accusing her of putting it somewhere else (hmmm).

Nads on Film and Barfly for flinging themselves in front of moving vehicles (hey, at least they stayed away from the F train).

Noah’s Dinghy and Headlights for being high five whores.

Barnacle and Canine Fixations for their dorktastic bromance at the on-in.

Donner Kebab for shortcutting trail.

Hash cash lasted a while, long enough for us to hear “Billy Jean” twice.  There was dancing, singing, and drunken walks home in the snow.  A successful night, even for those of us who didn’t partake in the trail.  See you next week.

On out,

Technically Foul

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