BH3 #543

BH3 #543
December 6, 2010
Hares: Doggie Erectus & Cheeky Bastard
Start: Flushing & Broadway
On In: Spike Hill
Scribe: Death Breast

‘Twas the night before Tuesday, when all through Brooklyn
not a creature wanted to stir, except a small group of crazy hashers.

Gathered safely in front of a hospital in the middle of nowhere, or maybe Queens, the hares informed us there was a chicken/eagle split, but neglected to let us know it was within the first 2 blocks of trail. A few veered off at the split, chickens and porpoises that they were (more later). But, on this 6th night of December, the 6th night of Chanukkah, 6 brave hashers braved the eagle trail. (At least I think it was 6. I don’t really care if it wasn’t, since it sounds much better that way.) This Monday night, yes my friends, this Monday, the hares weakly led these proud eagles on a journey that almost took them to Queens, or we thought we were in Queens, or it seemed like it was Queens. In any case, it was friggin cold and we couldn’t feel our fingers and had no idea where the hell we were.

The journey through blustery Brooklyn brought us back to Billyburg where we ate sliders and other fried things, and drank many beers. A fun time was had by all 15 or so. Oh, yes. Love the wintertime hashing.

PBR Tall Boy Down Downs:
-Hares for setting whatever that thing was. A trail?
-Visitor Fuck Me On Porpoise from Chicago.
-Dogface for being an angry, whiney brit and issuing a slew of complaints upon his arrival at the On In.
-Hares again for setting what turned out be a shitty, shitty trail since a man was actually spotted taking a shit on trail.
-Crotchless Panties for her plethora of snot rockets on trail.
-Doner Kebab for body checking a biker and then promptly falling down.
-Nads on Film and Donor Kebab for having the audacity to be born.
-Fuck me on Porpoise for asking Dogface to undo her zipper because it was "stuck."

Beer beer beer beer, beer beer beer beer, beer beer beer beer, beer beer bee…
On Out!
Death Breast