NYCH3 #1396

NYCH3 #1396
Sunday Oct 17th 2010  3pm
Start: 192nd St & Bennett Ave
Hares: A Lil’ Dirty & I Like Head
Scribe: Just Jim
On a beautiful Sunday afternoon about 40 or so hashers gathered in the Western Bronx near Fort Tyron Park.  This NYC hash had 4 visiting hashers that day: Rubs em raw, No cunt for old men, NHS, and Oral Malpractice.  We were also blessed with 2 virgins, Just Ryan and Just Amy (whose brother made her cum), alas those poor virgins did not know what horrors of steep inclines awaited them.
The trail quickly scaled up a steep cliff that sober mortals would normally avoid.  This part of trail was so steep that Lunch (Ed) performed a literal head-butt when he climbed his head into another hasher’s ass.  He was mysteriously no where to be found at the circle-up.  For some odd reason, the hares set the C&E split on the walker trail…perhaps E is for easy?  There were also multiple fences and walls to be scaled on trail, and Crawoholic ripped her shorts climbing over one of the fences. This trail winded north through Inwood Hill Park and back down along trails overlooking the Hudson.  That day, the hashers passed through several clouds of cannabis and also passed by isolated men sitting in the woods, waiting for who knows what.  Let it be known that the trail was very shitty, so shitty that when Splat fell, his hand landed in shit.  On the bright side, this trail did have a drink check which was filled with the upcoming Halloween spirit, in that the beer was in "fun size" 6oz cans. The trail ended at the Locksmith, a small bar where the hashers quickly overcrowded the locals. 
There were plenty of fashion offences to be found on trail that day.  Just Chris found guilty of carrying around a little change purse and Fast American Dave was caught wearing pasties. Other offences noted that day were:
* Speedo Gonzales waited in line for the bathroom for several minutes and walked away before the imaginary person inside could finish up and open the door for him. 
* Just Jim could not find the obvious giant arrow that led to true trail when scouting after an early check on trail.
* A Lil’ Dirty gave bad directions to hashers trying to get back on trail.
* I Like Head was the Asshole of the Week for stressing in multiple emails that it only took 20 minutes to get from 42nd St to 190th on the A-line.