BH3 #536

BH3# 536
Start: 4th ave and 9th st
On-In: Bar 718
Hare: Whoremaster
Scribe: Porno Putz

Have I ever told you lovely bastards how much I love socks? No? Well, I do, like, a lot and this week I showed up to the start basking in the glow of fresh hot NERD socks right up to my knees. It was a bit chilly outside but I was already sweating. Damn it felt good. Then we set off. I don’t really remember what happened. All I could think about was socks. It make my legs tingle.

Then there was a bar and down downs were as follows:

Hare: Whoremaster
Josh: headphones and singing on trail
Nicole: new shoes! Some non hasher chicks watched in awe. Their dropped jaws made me think about socks again.
Visitor: Matt from Ithaca
Doggy Erectus and James: trouble with the neighbors
Somewhere in here a silver maned elderly man or woman felt me up on his or her way through our circle to the bathroom. Probably wanted my socks.
Cheeky Bastard: trying to call out the visitor for following non-hash marks
Josh: lost the notes from last week. Wait I don’t think this one happened but it’s in the notes. I could be wrong.
Happy Brit Award: given to the hare for picking a bar that by his definition was playing"techno." (no it wasn’t) Maybe next time it should be called the Old Brit Award.
Trader Blows: jumping the gun on the announcements
FMIG: attempting to make an announcement or… Something
Someone: for having awesome fucking socks!
Someone else: for being a JM and forgetting my name. Really? Usually I’m the one who doesn’t remember your name after you tell me about my awesome socks. This is not usual.

Now it was time to really drink and try not to drown in the stench of Chinese food. The beer deal was anything as long as 1 was a PBR. Apparently this is a good deal to make as the beer outlasted me and I was pretty drunk when I left. But I needed to get back home. The smell of socks was fading off of me and I had to slip into something new.

On Out-
Porno Putz

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