NYCH3 #1392

NYCH3 #1392

Start: 110th and Broadway

On-In: 1020 Bar (110th and Amsterdam)

Hare: Devo

Scribe: Finger F**cked

Under the gathering clouds, a pack of hashers anxiously awaited what their esteemed hare Devo had to say about the upcoming trail.  Since he announced the eagle was significantly longer than the 4.5 mile chicken, I decided I’d go with the shorter route, especially given the uptown start and what I suspected was to come.


Lots and lots of stairs.

Hundreds of stairs.

And I was right.

The trail looped over to the riverside, up every flight of stairs imaginable, over some obstacles like downed trees and abandoned park pathways, and tantalizingly close to Dinosaur Barbeque.  A girl can dream, right?

The skies opened up with rain about the time the chicken pack was at City College.  A hasher who will remain nameless was more resourceful than myself and determined where the on-in was after every chalk mark on trail vaporized in the rain.  Once we received the coordinates (110th and Amsterdam) we were off in search of a dry bar with wet beer.

And found that we did at 1020 Bar, where the bartenders and locals looked a little less than pleased with the sweaty and loud crew they found themselves sharing a bar with.  Beer and pizza was consumed, and our rituals of humiliation began.

The down downs are a partial list, since the sh*tty pizza procured for us by Devo turned the notes into a greasy mess.  From what I can make out:

Devo: for setting a sh*tty trail with not nearly enough stairs.

There were loads of virgins – welcome.  All trails aren’t like this, I promise.

I Like Head for spreading false accusations.

Ow My Balls and Splat are two different people, whoever mixed them up.  Not to mention they don’t look that much alike.

I’m sure there’s more I missed, but the notes are in a sorry state.  The beer lasted past the circle, but I didn’t so I could start the long trek home.