NYCH3 #1388 H.A.L.T R*n

NYCH3 #1388 H.A.L.T R*n
Wednesday, 25 August 2010
Start: Lafayette and Houston
On In: Grassroots
Hares: Just Jimmy and Just Steve
Scribe: Finger me First
I was recruited to be the scribe for last year’s H.A.L.T and I’m not sure how much more creative I can get than last year’s: “My write-up will be as long as tonight’s trail”.  I suppose I can give the hares SOME credit in that the trail and on in weren’t the exact same for the 3rd year in a row.  I know it is a taxing task to come up with an original 1mi trail in Manhattan but our hares somehow succeeded. They were even able to put a check for about every quarter mile of trail…although they expended all of their creative juices on the one mile trail so all checks were solved and everyone was at the On In about 12 minutes after leaving the start.  I think it actually took longer to get INTO the On In due to some silly ID checking.
Just Dan convened the circle and gave out Down Downs. I really couldn’t hear what was going on very well…so here’s what I got out of circle:
Visitors: Beef Curtains (From Japan)
Virgins: Sarah, Elizabeth, Ryan, Christina
Just Josh: For being an underachiever (which on this r*n usually means he probably ran more than 1mi)
Just Casey from here on out shall be known as Koba Cum Bloody, also received a down down for dressing in drag (Koba- the Catholic School Girl R*n is NEXT Wednesday!). 
We were also fortunate enough to witness two hashers, Koba and someone else…not sure who, drink out of their new shoes. Tsk tsk, you should know better.
Trips and Balls: For being a goody two shoes and helping to set the hotline
Eager 4 Beaver: As I mentioned earlier, the past two HALTs have ended at the same On In so Eager 4 Beaver decided to outsmart all of us and go straight there. He was foiled by the hares when they shook things up and chose a new on in.
Hares: for giving blowing everyone’s cover on their Wednesday night activities by giving us all perma-bar scars using big black Sharpies. Although apparently they’re pretty good at body art because Just Linda thought that Beef Curtains’ mark was a tattoo.  When given her down down she proceeded to drink too early. She’ll have to come back and learn hash appropriate behavior.  
Announcements: Catholic School Girl R*n is next Wednesday, 9/1
Next Monday is the last leg of the Tour de Brooklyn
On Out
Finger Me First
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