BH3 #528

BH3 #527, TdB #11
August 23, 2010
Hares: Doggie Erectus
Start: Borough Hall
On-In: Sharlene’s
Scribe: Just Claire
Under ominous skies they gathered: some on the steps of Borough Hall, where “these things always start,” and some in "a park.” The groups finally found each other and, when their powers combined, learned that, despite the almost constant drizzle, the hares had marked with blue/purple chalk (with tennis ball blasts of flour to help lead the way). So we set off, hoping the rain would wait until the precious drink check had been found.

From the weird in-between place that is Borough Hall, we crossed highways and parks, found the drink check (I think the Gatorade was old – it had fermented!), through DUMBO and into Fort Greene Park, where some of us (the awesome ones) ran up the massive stairs whilst singing the Rocky theme song to each other. Finally crossing over the soon-to-be Barclay’s Center, we found ourselves at the on-in and delighted by the beer selection. There was a brief scare when Canine Fixation and yours truly thought the hash cash had run out disgustingly quickly, but we were wrong, thank god, and the beer lasted longer than I did.

The down downs:

Hares – Doggie Erectus (and Just Josh and Canine Fixation for helping)

Doggie Erectus – for using chalk so dark the FRB blew right past the start, and for marking falses so nicely (smiley face!)

Visitors – Kanet from DC

New Shoes – Kanet from DC (apparently those southerners didn’t warn her)

Virgins – Arthie and James

Lexi’s Bitch – welcome back!

Eager for Beaver – only ran the first half-mile of the trail before heading to drink at the on-in

Technically Foul – brought no pants and, sadly, had pants brought to her

Death Breast – for whipping out a garbage bag at the start

Hedgehog and Just Michael – excessive use of technology on trail

Just Michael – for wearing a hat in circle



Just Claire