NYCH3 #1386

NYCH3 #1386

Start: 59th Street and 5th Avenue (corner of Central Park)

On-In: Pat O’Briens (88th and 2nd)

Hares: Just Dan and Just Casey

Scribe: Finger F**cked

There are some words you don’t want to hear during the chalk talk, particularly from virgin hares like Just Casey.  In the case of this trail, the dreaded words were “It is between 3 and 6 miles, I’m not sure how long it is.” Yikes, not a fortuitous start for the intrepid hashers who gathered at the corner of Central Park with hope in their hearts for a short trail and a long on-in. At least, those were my hopes.

After the standard chalk talk was given and virgins/visitors instructed, the baying pack was sent into Central Park, where it promptly made the mistake of following FAD and got sidetracked, missing some marks. Upon circling back to the missed mark, I rejoined true trail through a delightful meander through Central Park. Over the hills and through the woods, to the on-in I go!

Upon exiting the urban oasis, the pack made its way through the UES hoping that surely, on the next corner, would be the on in. Despite many teases (and a Beer Near mark that was not terribly near the beer), the hot and sweaty pack descended upon Pat O’Briens on 88th and 2nd to eat pizza, drink beer, and give one another a hard time. Like the other experienced hashers, I hung towards the bar in order to ensure my thirst was quenched by the passing pitchers of beer. We were drawn to the back with the promise of pizza and a boisterous circle where the offenses of the evening were punished and celebrated:

Down Downs:

The Hares: for setting a generally sh*tty trail

Visitors: We had the Mad Bomber, Cock Sprinter, Just Neeraj, Cash, Cock or Beer and Mangina in the house.

Virgins: Sharad, Daswani, Lori, Christina, Caitlyn, and Michael, I will be impressed if we see you again.

Hector: He was recruiting poor passerbys, namely pretty ladies. Leave the civilians alone!

The Hares: Marks? What Marks? Seriously, for everyone out there – blue chalk is a bad idea.

Barffly: For being so sweaty at the finish she made butterfly prints with her sweaty butt.

Steve: There was some confusion regarding the start. I don’t know what’s tough about 59th and 5th, but something must be.

Fireman Tim: For solving checks in a similar manner to FAD.

Doggy Erectus: For nearly killing a blind man by being so focused on the on-in.

Sophia: For insisting only a boy could help her figure out her brand new (pink) Garmin.

The hares were the AOTW for reasons that escape me, but I’m sure they deserved it.

Beer didn’t last much longer than the circle, and neither did I. On Out!