BH3 #527

BH3 #527
August 16, 2010

Hares: Death Breast and Screaming O.
Start: Lorimer & Metropolitan
On-In: Hot Bird, Prospect Heights
Scribe: Just Sheena

Well, it was neither the best nor the worst of times, but it was certainly among the wettest. We arrived at the appointed start amidst a downpour, and wondered at the fate of the evening’s trail. When the hare arrived we learned that the lovely trail set out earlier had washed away in the monsoon. Barnacle and Bartos bravely set out to set a live trail. Some among us craved the opportunity to de-pants a caught hare. The rest hoped we could find the on in before the new trail washed away.

And so we were off, out of Williamsburg, into East Williamsburg and Clinton Hill (I can’t really say which neighborhoods, as I’m a South Brooklyner and feel as though Williamsburg and the like are on other planets). It didn’t take long for the rain to begin afresh, but it was honestly better than the Bikram running of previous weeks.  But that’s not all that was different. Whereas previous weeks on this Tour de Brooklyn we’ve been met with enthusiasm, cheers, flowers strewn at our feet (figuratively speaking), this week we were met with fear and anxiety. Somehow, the Hasidim did not find us all that charming or worth cheering for. Nay, they averted their eyes and covered their faces, rather than confront themselves with our bare legs and rain-soaked torsos. And who can blame them? Damp hashers thundering around looking for a trail that is gone (again) is a fearsome sight indeed. All the more so when you think about how this delay is keeping them from their beer!

Eventually, we cut our losses and trotted in some semblance of a group all the way down Washington to Clinton and Atlantic. Where there was beer. And all was well.


Hares –  First, Death Breast and Screaming O. Then, Barnacle and Bartos. Finally, the Pack (given to Canine Fixation & Splat).

FAD – who caught hares.

Canine Fixation – Listened to those guys outside the bodega (who were clutching brown bags, I don’t mind saying) who deliberately pointed him down the wrong way.

Type A-Hole – Marked a check before actually checking it.

Barnacle – Couldn’t find the On-In, even though it was the only bar on the block.

Splat – Speedstick found in the bathroom.

Barnacle & Bartos – Got split up. Aw.

Headlights – Took an impromptu shower on trail. From a rooftop gutter.

Thus ends our recent installment in the Tour. The rain itself was cool and refreshing. The water running in the street was oddly warm (I know because I leapt into many a puddle), and the torrents off the rooftops were riddled with various noxious poisons, no doubt.


Just Sheena