GGFM #240

GGFM #240
July 23, 2010
Start: 53rd St. & 3rd Ave.
Hares: Hoboken Dave & Just Amy
On-In: The Gaf, 1st Ave. & 89th St.
Scribe: Doggie Erectus
We gathered on 3rd Ave. to celebrate the end of the work week.  There were some ominous looking clouds off in the distance so Hoboken Dave gave us a very hurried chalk talk and sent us on our way.  He forgot to mention that there would be much thunder and lightning on trail and that some of the marks would be gone by the time we got there.  A sin for which he would pay dearly!
A few of the more ambitious runners gallantly tried to finish the trail after the rain really started and ended up soaking wet.  Maybe they were a little dirty and wanted to rinse off.
NY Cock Exchange & Just Scott were eager to punish someone for getting them wet and gave out the following Down Downs:
The Hares: Hoboken Dave & Just Amy.
Visitors & Virgins: Hairy Crack, Cetified R.U.N., Just David & Just Craig.
Hoboken Dave for calling down the thunder and lightning.  Just Amy swore it was all Dave’s idea and she had nothing to do with it.
Dan Bartos for solving checks incorrectly.
Just Ken for hitting on a lady cop and not knowing if he was a virgin or not.  Maybe he’s been to jail??
Steve, Dan & A LIttle Dirty for starting out FRB and ending up DFL.
Finger F*cked for chipping a tooth.
Total Random Abuse of Power Down Down was awarded by Ewa to Doggie Erectus for taking a picture of a pink stretch Mini Cooper limo with a hot tub.  Maxi Cooper?
By the time we were dried off and drank all the beer it had stopped raining.  I realized I was in my own neighborhood and had a pleasant walk home.
On Out!
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