NYCH3 #1384

NYCH3 #1384

Start: 72nd and Broadway

On In: Tap a Keg (105th and Broadway)

Hare: Dave Too Long

Scribe: Just Casey 

FINALLY!!! The pack gathered uptown!! Hallelujah!! 72nd and Broadway to be exact. Who knew there were things to do, people to see, trails to follow and beer to drink above 59th Street? I had NO clue! But I digress… A healthy-looking (and might I add, highly attractive) pack of hashers assembled on the UWS for an early evening r#n in pursuit of our beverage of choice. As we chatted, stretched and stripped off our shirts to change into hash gear (Yes Bartos, we know you are buff. In all seriousness though. Get to a gym man!!) I couldn’t help but notice the faces, looks and jeers we were receiving from the ‘elite’.  We were after all invading their territory. ‘Yes sir, that is a picture of a giant glass of beer on the front of our tech shirts.’ ‘Yes maam, this is a whistle around my neck, and I intend on blowing it loudly. Trust me though, it is for your own safety!’ After becoming reacquainted, we were called to order by our trusty hare Dave Too Long. A quick chalk-talk for the virgins and we were off.


We headed East towards that smelly neighboring state of New Jersey. We couldn’t be stopped. Nothing could get in our way. NOTHING!!! Well…almost nothing. After a strenuous jog of exactly one block we quickly came to the conclusion that we weren’t on trail. After and exhaustive 45 second search trail was indeed found and were again off!! We headed to the West Side Highway and then north. And north…and north some more…and some more. At some point we were guided East and the pack with our eager to be filled empty bellies headed towards that centrally located park in New York City. I can’t recall its exact name but I suppose for the sake of this write up it really doesn’t matter.


But YES!! There we were. Surrounded by trees, rocks and all the things that nature has given us. We were enjoying the great outdoor in its natural habitat. Wait…was that a man-hole cover that I just tripped on? In the middle of grass?  Not possible. Not in this majestic, gorgeous park. Anyhoo, I must be delirious from the lack of beverage. After passing the tennis courts, a big beautiful pool and avoiding the ramble all together we exited the ‘park’ near its apex. A quick jaunt west and we arrived at our Mecca. A nice little number called Tap a Keg. Cold water was waiting and the jolliest bartender with the biggest smile…like EVER was ready and willing to appease our needs!!  Beer was poured. Pizza was devoured. And love was in the air….err….something.


Circle was called to order by Fire in the Pie Hole. Down downs were as follows:


The hare-


 Dave Too Long. What did we think of the trail?? Too hot!! Too humid. I mean really man…We were dripping! But in an amazingly awesome way…of course.




I need to apologize here. I only got one of your names. There were a few more…I think. Lil hazy to be honest. Cheeky Bastard joined us,  visiting all the way from Brooklyn, NY, USA. Welcome sir!!


Virgins (not for long if we have our way)-


There were a ton!! And we hope you all come back for more. OK, here we go. Mary, Carolyn, Jessica, Erin, Ariel, Libby, Maggie, Barrett (more on you later good sir) David number 1, David number 2, Katie and Sabrit!! Whooo. NICE!!




Fireman Mike- Who despite being told by his brethren Fireman Tim not to wear new shoes, did, indeed wear glossy, sexy new shoes. Uh duh!!! And when one fireman drinks…ALLLL firemen drink. To quote Fireman Tim when told to also take a down down..’I am not cool wit dat!!’


Just Dan and fast American Dave for failing to realize their rights from their lefts when calling out on trail. Its OK guys, no worries. If you hold up your hand and make an L and it looks kinda correct…that’s your left hand. We will tackle counting next week (on a side note- thank goodness for spell check. You’d think I was wearing gloves whilst typing this)


Virgin Barrett for ‘plowing’ through trees in the park. In his defense I think he had an epic prelube prior to the hash!! At least I hope he did.


Yours truly- For having a cheat sheet to document all this good info. Come on now, in MY defense I have an awful memory and I knew the beer would just be too yummy to only have a couple. (insert innocent smiley HERE)


AOTW- Went to our hare for the evening Dave Too Long for apparently completely forgetting that he was setting this trail awhile back. I guess somebody else also had and epic prelube!! Ya know…then memory is the first thing to go. Just sayin’.


Finally announcements-


This Wednesday’s hash will be laid (layed) by Ow My Balls and Finger F*cked. It is their one year anniversary virgin haring (sounds naughty). I believe the starting point is 23rd and 8th. Come out in force!


Also, there is the NASS on Sunday in Westchester.  And considering it is 4 pm on Sunday as I type this I hope everyone stayed dry and had  a great time with the family!!




And that was about it my friends. Hash cash ran out eventually. Folks stumbled out the door and found their way home. Until next time…


On On


Just Casey