NYCH3 #1381

NYCH3 #1381

July 7, 2010

Start: McKenna’s, 14th St btw 7th & 8th Ave

Hares: Speedo Gonzalez & Technically Foul (Birthday Twins)

On-In: Triona’s, 3rd & Sullivan St

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at McKenna’s on one of the hottest days of the year.  Maybe it was my liquid courage telling me that the temperature had dropped a few degrees, but after a few blocks, the only liquid I saw was sweat.  It was so hot that your humble narrator stripped off his shirt on trail.  Sorry you missed it ladies, but you got something almost as good when Dan Bartos got dressed up at the charity auction a few days later.

After an extended cool down, Mean Jean, Tit Totaller & Fire in the Piehole convened the circle and punished the following wankers with Down-Downs:

The Virgins: Nadia & Jennifer

Eager for Beaver for following the wrong marks

Devo for winning the hash

Amalea for pirouetting on trail

Dan Bartos for auctioning himself to the highest bidder

Joe "The Plumber" Pennsylvania got a$$hole of the week for a$$ crack on trail.  He should have saved it for the auction; we all would have paid good money to make it go away!

I was told by two married men from out of town that were busily hitting on a not-so-innocent bystander that Triona herself served us that night.  She did a helluva job.  And when the beer was out, so was I.

On Out!

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