BH3 #522

BH3 #522
July 12, 2010

Start: 101st St. and 4th Ave. in Bay Ridge
On-in: A discreet spot in Fort Hamilton park
Hare: FMIG
Scribe: Canine Fixation

The pack gathered at Fort Hamilton park, six blocks beyond the end of the R line.  The hare’s haziness (both about trail details and in general) didn’t exactly inspire confidence as the pack set off.  The trail took us in a giant loop of Bay Ridge as we zigged and zagged through the streets.  There were several long and straight portions that tested the endurance of the pack, including a monster of a stretch at the very end along the shore.

We finally ended at a tiny alcove nestled down a hill near the park from which we started, some (most) arriving unnecessarily late from a final check.  There we were greeted with red cups and six packs cans of light beer.  It’s clear that we will have to forgo the Better Beer Hash talk during the TdB.

After a little concern about a bus driver in uniform hanging out nearby, the circle started.  I don’t have notes, so the following down-downs were taken from memory:

  • Hares – For this “trail”
  • Virgin – We had one.
  • Visitors – Nope.
  • Barnacle – For running six miles to the start.  This is starting to become a habit.
  • Bag hags – For being assholes somehow.
  • Just Robin – For playing with shit (what an inopportune moment to forget the context).
  • Stewa – For something I think.
  • FMIG – Can’t actually remember if he actually got another one, but it’s probably a safe bet.

With the beer all hastily consumed, we headed to the on-after at an Italian run Chinese restaurant complete with sushi bar.  Just another night out in Brooklyn.


Canine Fixation