BH3 #521

BH3 #521, July 5, 2010

Start: New Utrecht Ave and 62nd st

On In: Wicked Monk, Bay Ridge

Hare: Technically Foul & Speedo Gonzalez

Scribe: Trader Blows

What better way to finish off the long holiday weekend than with the hash? 100 degrees in the shade you say?

A group of about 30 hashers braved the heat and showed up in anticipation of what would be a great trail. The author decided to hang out in a Barnes and Noble and meet the pack at the On-In. The shenanigans from Full Moon Saloon from last years TDB were legendary, but Wicked Monk didn’t disappoint with a good beer selection and an air conditioned interior!

The down downs were given as follows:

Technically Foul & Speedo Gonzalez – for setting trail and…

the hares again for having a birthday.

Virgins – Katie, Nicole, Mike, and Sheena

Rack N’ Roll Her – getting to the bar and saying "You know what, I feel like running another mile"

Josh – for wearing long sleeves…. in July

Doggie Erectus – for flashing his MENSA books at the start

FMIG – for being absent at Tour De Brooklyn (drunk by Trader Blows)

Barnacle – for "staying with the pack… for once"

Headlights – for puking on trail

Barnacle again – for running 5 miles to get to the start!

On Out,
Trader Blows