NYCH3 #1379


NYCH3 #1379

Wednesday, June 23

Hares: Spermatologist, STD, Just Kathy

Start: 33rd and 5th

On-In: The Mad Hatter, 26th and 3rd

Scribe: Finger F**cked

On a hot and steamy Wednesday evening, the pack gathered near the base of the Empire State Building to have a bit of a r*n and say goodbye to Kathy, who is leaving us for the (I assume) milder climate of Denver.  

Kathy, Spermatologist, and STD gave a quick chalk talk and the warning to bring some water with us due to the heat.  Despite some grumbles from the pack about the length of the trail – 4 miles in this heat! – the pack ran off in search of true trail and cold beer.   Two blocks later there was a check that proved to be difficult, getting about ½ of the pack lost in the process.  Again, another 2 blocks and another check.  I’m sensing a theme here…

The trail wound north to Bryant Park and south again along the waterfront.  While crossing the FDR, one of the most egregious lies one can encounter on a trail occurred.  Everyone’s favorite hash mark appeared on the ground – hooray!  Beer Near!  Alas, it was not to be, and another 3 blocks passed until a "Beer Very Near" was sighted.  Just Peter took it upon himself to append this mark with the eloquent commentary "LIAR".  Another few long and sweaty blocks, and we came upon the on-in, the Mad Hatter.

Delicious, delicious beer was available to the sweaty pack, who chattered, looked longingly at the chicken wings, pasta, and pigs in a blanket before the circle began.

Down Downs:

•-          Visitors

•-          Virgins

•-          The hares, for being filthy liars about the "beer near" marks.

•-          Ben & Rebecca, for getting engaged (just say no!)

•-          Peter, for wearing a US Soccer jersey while running trail.

•-          STD, for losing perhaps the most critical hash artifact: a golden toilet seat.  Check his house in Seattle I say!

•-          Eager for Beaver, who was voted the least valuable player on his Green Mountain Relay team.  He earned the honor by overshooting his exchange by about 3 miles, and wrecking the van.  Good show.

•-          Just Kathy was AOTW, for stealing a homeless man’s bag from him at the start.  I know you want to take a piece of NYC with you Kathy, but this is not the way to do it.

After circle the ravenous horde devoured all of the food available, and soon the beer was gone to.  And as it normally goes, once the beer was out, so was I.

On out, and good luck to Kathy in her new home!

Finger F**cked

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