NYCH3 #1378


NYCH3 #1378

Wednesday, June 16

Hares: Doggie Erectus & Njoki

Start: Finnerty’s (13th & 2nd)

On-In: Otto’s Shrunken Head (14th between A and B)

Scribe: Just Dennis

A crowd gathered at Finnerty’s (2nd Ave, btw 13th & 14th).  Some recreated World Cup matches on the foosball table inside, though most assembled on the sidewalk — buzzing about a potential 7 mile Eagle route, how to avoid food poisoning in Peru, and the lack of leeches and snakes on most NYC trails.  Then the crowd was off!

I very quickly lost track of the trail markings and decided to just follow those in front of me.  Not the best decision as they were soon lost as well.  But we soon caught up to a large bunch of confused hashers on the corner of 3rd and 12th.  False trails had apparently been discovered in every direction, so we stood around until a messenger from the West called to us of discovered arrows.  An interminably boring 1 mile stretch down 5th ave followed — then east along Grand St. and north up to Houston.  Apparently on Houston there was a mark for the Chicken & Eagle split, but I didn’t see it and just proceeded north up Avenue A to complete the 4.2 mile square shaped Chicken trail.  

All converged at Otto’s Shrunken Head on 14th — a kitschy dive tiki bar with iridescent neon blowfish hanging above the bar and a bartender determined to see everyone’s ID.

There were no visitors, but several virgins.

The hares were made to drink for setting an extremely boring trail.

Down downs went out to:

 — Fireman Tim for running too fast to miss marks.

 — Joey P. for fashion violations due to a garish outfit (Ed. note: It was a lovely outfit, just lots of neon).

 — Eager 4 Beaver for randomly running around town instead of following the trail.

 — Donner Kebab for spraying sweat on others when suddenly stopping.

Asshole of the week went to the hares for not informing the virgins that the hash cash meant they didn’t need to pay for their own pizza and beer.

It was also Katie’s birthday!

The circle ended.  Pizza was eaten.  Hash cash ran out at 10, so after one last rush to the bar, I swung my gym bag over my shoulder and exited into the night.  Though the flaming tiki fishbowls of volcanic rum were tempting…

On out!