BH3 #515

BH3 # 515

May 24, 2010

Start: Alligator Lounge

On-In: Washington Commons

Hare: Mike McNamara

Scribe: Headlights


A fairly small pack gathered at Alligator Lounge and wondered why more people hadn’t come out on a warm night.  (We found out later the L train stopped running due to a person being under it.  Just another day in the city.)  We avoided the call of pizza and finally were called outside by Fireman Tim.  Wait, I thought his brother, Mike was setting trail? He was, but Tim helped out … much to our later dismay.


He told us there was a chicken/eagle split, falses were marked and then sent us on our way.  And away we went, straight down Lorimer street for a full mile.  I think I counted four checks on a 4.5 mile trail and about as many turns.  


We arrived at Washington Commons to drown our sorrows and administer down downs as follows:

  • Just Mike for setting trail
  • Just Mike again for the lack of checks or turns
  • Visitors: Miranda, Debbie and JD
  • Technically Foul got one for telling the visitor to take off his hat in the circle before Noah’s Dingy could inflict his wrath (the man loves making people drink, what can I say?) .
  • Virgins: Manny, Mattie and Elizabeth
  • Crotchless Panties for being concerned about running into Hasidic coworkers in her skimpy outfit.
  • Headlights for offering her "boob soup" to Death Breast to satiate her thirst.  (author note: Death Breast declined.  I am sad.)
  • Death Breast for being afraid to enter the lesbian bar on the Brooklyn Half Marathon pub crawl.
  • Screaming O (who had left, so Technically Foul stepped in) for passing all of her sublets on trail.
  • Just Mel for talking during the circle.
  • Headlights was called out by Baboon Ass for wearing "aquatic footwear." (author note: They’re five fingers and at least mine are clean!)
  • Fireman Tim for teaching the hare everything he knows about setting trail and obviously not doing a good enough job.  Screamin O (played again by Technically Foul) was also called up for neglecting her duties as trail master.


The circle ended, pizza was eaten and I gazed around to find one of our many On Sexes to give my notes for the write-up.  I found none.  So, I shoved them in my pocket and drank.  Like you do.


On Out,