BH3 #516

BH3 # 516: BH3 Annual Memorial Day BBQ Hash

May 31, 2010

Start: Prospect Park

On-In: Prospect Park

On-After: Double Windsor

Hares: Headlights and Noah’s Dinghy

Scribe: Trader Blows


What better way to celebrate beginning of summer than with the BH3 by coming to the annual memorial day BBQ hash in Prospect Park.  Being injured, my "adult juice" 6-pack and I
arrived at the start to see a group of about 40 or so hashers gathered, anxiously awaiting instructions. After the virgins and visitors were briefed, the pack went in search of the first mark and I went in search of a bottle opener.  Not having run the trail, I can only talk about what occured back in the BBQ area: after some difficulty lighting the coals, our illustrious JM, Noah’s Dinghy sprinted to a bodega to get some lighter fluid and then after sufficiently soaking the coals for 10 minutes and with the approval of our fire expert Fireman Tim, the fire was finally lit.

The next hour or so were spent cooking (ok, Headlights was the one cooking) great food on the grill, graciously donated to the Brooklyn Hash by the one and only FMIG.  Burgers and hot dogs of the standard and vegan varieties were had by all and not until everyone was sufficiently nourished was the circle called. The down downs were as follows:


    * Hares: Headlights and Noah’s Dinghy, for setting trail and for being generally awesome
    * Virgins: There were about 6 of them. As is the case with big hash events, we don’t remember your names, but please come back and join us again!
    * Visitors: Again, there were a handful of you. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day than in Brooklyn!
    * Fireman Tim: For displaying breathtaking hula hoop skills. Trader Blows drank in his place.
    * Our perpetual visitor, Booty Call, for deciding to create his own chicken trail to find his way to "adult juice"… what a wank.
    * Ed Lunch, for peeing on trail, reported by none other than…. Ed Lunch… Nothing will keep that man from beer and/or food.
    * Baboon Ass: for requiring a knife for her beer garnish and of course to Matthew for carrying around an 8 inch knife for such occasions!?!?
    * Bruce was called out for spotting used condoms on trail and requesting fresh condoms next time… Yes sir!
    * Not one, not two, but THREE people were called out for going to Jackrabbit and purchasing new running shoes! Hope you guys enjoy new shoe taste…


With this the circle ended, everyone packed up and moved to Double Windsor for more beers and fun. Having been absent from the hash the last few weeks I volunteered to do the write up and this is where we stand…


On Out,

Trader Blows