NYCH3 #1365

NYC Hash #1365


Sunday March 21, 2010 at 3:00 pm


Hares: Tit-Totaler, 69-Down, MJDDM, FAD


Start: The Four-Faced Liar


On-In: The Four-Faced Liar 


Scribe: Ivory Dickler


Twas the first nice weekend of ’10 and it seems that every soul that had not been out since ’09 was out that on the sidewalk that day. And some that had never been out. And then some. Not only that, but it was the day of the New York Half Marathon. And the Hashers Pub Crawl. Otherwise lonely and uneventful. The Hash started where pub crawl was supposed to be at the time (or eventually). Telling us to put our bags in the back was a dead giveaway that this was to be an A to A trail,. "If you get lost, call the hotline, or go back to the start, where the On-In location will be……or just come back here". Somewhat redundant, but hey, they were just being thorough.


While pre-lubing at the start, I met Archer (his real name), visitor or virgin, or something. He had had 4 beers already, before drinking at the Pre-Lube. I thought "This is going to be interesting". I had no way of knowing how interesting, though.


Then we were off. Running through way too many people on the sidewalks of the Village who hadn’t been out probably ever. And then there were the checks. There were checks in both Washington Square and Union Square Parks, where there were 1000s (literally) of people, some of whom must have been standing on the marks, ’cause we couldn’t find them. And when we did, we couldn’t hear each yell other over the din of the assembled multitudes. Eventually, someone would find the trail, and someone would hear them, and someone run back and tell (yell) the rest, and eventually we would follow. Unless you were off checking somewhere. Then you were f**ked.


About 25 minutes in, Archer (remember Archer) decided he needed more beer. He went into a deli at the check on 6th Ave., and bought 2 16oz Bud cans, told the guy at the counter he didn’t need a bag for either one, and proceeded to share them with the pack in broad daylight on 6th Ave. Luckily, no NYPD personel witnessed this. A few minutes later, while running down the sidewalk, he yelled at a pedestrian to "Get out of the way". Being that the cops don’t generally bother us about running down the sidewalks, and our drink checks are discreet enough not arouse suspicion, I decided to point this out to Archer, and to suggest we wanted to keep it that way. Obviously my talk did some good, ’cause a little while later, while running past a cafe, Archer showed how much he had learned. Some guy at a table had lifted his Gin and Tonic or something into the air to drink it and Archer grabbed it and finished it for him. Really. Well done.


Eventually we made it back to the On-In. Although Marios was about to follow the first mark and do the trail again before I pointed out that it was the first mark again. Finally, beer. Thank God for beer.




Virgins: Archer, among others


Visitors: There was(were) one(some) from Texas.

When asked for a Hash Song, the lady was gracious enough to lay a lovely little ditty about incest on us.


Rascists: All those that had run the New York Half that morning.


Volunteers: Peter & Fire Hose


Jeremy, who is leaving us and was named Rana Runner before he goes:  Goodnight Ladies


Brittany was named Finger F**ked because she had a broken finger.

            (Which she used to get me to do this write-up.)

            (Which I did cheerfully, though belatedly.)


(ED NOTE: I am not above using my busted hand for sympathy writeups)


Archer (Again) for, well, EVERYTHING.


Saint and some girl wore texas flags. The same one who sang earlier? I think.


Then pizza and more beer.


At that point the Hash ended and the Pub Crawl resumed. Although I don’t know anything about what happened before the Four-Faced Liar, I know (more or less) what happened afterwards.


Fast American Dave took us to the McDougal St Pub. He then passed the chalk to Marios, who took us to some bar on 3rd St and Sullivan. Then he passed it to me, and I led the now thinning herd to Kenny’s Castaways. Chinese food at Suzie’s, me singing"Here Comes the Sun" with the band at Kenny’s, one more beer, and we packed it in at around midnight.


Not bad for a day’s drinking.