BH3 #508

Start: Bergen St. F/G stop (or what would have been an F/G stop were the trains actually running during rush hour this evening)
On-In: Great Bar Harry
Hare: Canine Fixation
Scribe: Just Tim

It was a beautiful warm spring evening in April (what’s the spring version of Indian summer?) as I trotted to the start of our evening’s activities. A fairly sizable crowd awaited their driest r*n in Brooklyn in weeks. We began in lovely Boerum Hill, wound our way through the backstreets over to the Promenade (where the sun was just setting), then wandered through Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. After some minor confusion on direction, we crossed Flatbush into Fort Greene, scaled Mt. Ft. Greene Park, and ran back through the projects to Smith Street, where Bar Great Harry welcomed us with sweet, delicious, beer (and later, some pretty damn delicious pizza too – didn’t catch where that was from, but I should’ve.)

The down downs (which amused some of the bar’s patrons, were outright heckled by a patron of the canine persuasion, and were politely tolerated by the rest):
The Hare: Canine Fixation – no audible complaints about the trail, which, considering this crowd, is the highest of compliments
Virgin: Sara, who came thanks to Drag Hag
Visitors: 2 Yung 2 Du and Uno Mas from Long Beach, CA
Drag Hag and Trader Blows: for comparing sizes. Of their Garmins.
Patrick: for taking us back to the ’90s and playing hacky-sack at the start
Screaming O: For wearing racist attire
Nads on Film: For tasting all the beers instead of just ordering them like a non-beer snob
Noah’s Dinghy: For being able to drink again!
Canine Fixation: For the line "Who’s never done it in Brooklyn". However, Sara the virgin was subbed in for this after she raised her hand.
Dogface gave one to Crofty just for showing up. What a guy.

The downside of having good craft-y type beers with your hash cash is that the hash cash runs out much faster, and run out quickly it did. I had three, and considered myself lucky to have had that many. I was on out with the hash cash’s expiration, but it seemed not to stop many of our hardy hashers from continuing the good fight against sobriety long past my departure.

On out,
Just Tim