NYCH3 #1367

NYCH3 1367 – Annual Easter Playboy Bunny R*n

Hares: Harrierettes

Start: Doc Holliday’s (9th St and Avenue A)

On-In: McDougall St Ale House

Scribe: Just Peter


The 2010st annual Easter Playboy Bunnies R*n was held on April 4th and

was not to be missed.


Starting off with a near-altercation between Norma, two dirty, drunk, and high hippies, Bulldozer and other testosterone-laden brawlers, the trail wandered across lower Manhattan like a hasher after a pub-crawl.  In addition to the usual gaggle of slack-jawed tourists, Jon Stewart and Anderson Cooper were sighted.  (Fitz was later cited for

orgasmically screaming her love for Jon after noticing him on trail.)


Piss-poor chalk etiquette caused several delays on trail and eventually earned Dogface an extra down-down for his inadequate chalk-talk.  Amazingly enough Finger Fucked escaped punishment for the mortal sin of running out of Gatorade at the drink check.  


Other punishable trail offenses went to Dan, for wandering into Lucky Jack’s bar thinking it was the drink check, and again to Dan for mistaking a visitor’s initialed pack-mark as a back-check.


At the on-in, an interminable circle dispensed down-downs seemingly indiscriminately.  The hares (such as they were) were serenaded with  the usual hymn, and both virgins were greeted in appropriate style.  Stew A. was declared AOTW for his involvement in the aforementioned hippie-altercation, while a visitor from Japan attempted to co-opt our JMs and dispense down-downs of his own.  Dan took his bimbo award with requisite grace, but not much more.  Down-downs were also given to those in bunny-costume, including this author for the unmentionable sin of asking Fire in the Piehole to take a picture of him in costume.  Pussy-in-boots and Splat were punished for their inappropriate attire, which was more appropriate to a Valentine’s hash than an Easter hash.


Due to the extreme length of the circle and the innumerable down-downs dispensed, hash cash ran out early and many hashers went home hungry and sober.  Ignoring the truthiness of this writeup, a fun time was had by most and the 2010 Easter Playboy Bunnies R*n declared the best EPBR yet.




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