BH3 #496

BH3 #496
Monday January 18th, 2010
Hares: Dogface, Dental Damned, Nads on Film
Start: Nassau Ave off the G
On-in: Pencil Factory
Scribe: Drag Hag

At my first hash back from my wild European excursion, I got cornered by Canine Fixation, Trader Blows and US Marine Whore, all concurring that I should be responsible for the write-up. You know, as a welcome home present. I may be well traveled, but apparently I’m still a sucker. Yeah, I missed you guys too.

The pack gathered by the Nassau Ave stop on the G (which was later referred to as the “Where in the G-D is this train!??”) to r*n a trail set supposedly by Dogface and Dental Damned. I say supposedly because Dental Damned failed to show up, and Dogface apparently designated the location of the trail marks to Nads on Film.

We r*n a long windy trail with several confusing back checks. “Go back to the most logical point” Dogface told us. When that didn’t work, the pack took a short cut in an attempt to get a few steps closer to the beer. A few miles later after spending a lot of time r*nning in industrial Greenpoint along the water on a relatively mild evening, we arrived at the pencil factory eager for beer and pizza.

Once the pack drank water, chatted, listened to me complain about the lack of french baguettes on this side of the pond, and chose from our impressive selection of Amber, or…Amber we circled up and the following people were punished:

  • Our Hares: Dogface, Dental Damned, and Nads on Film for their sh*tty trail.
  • Because at the BH3 we love naming…and renaming: Nads on Film was renamed Peep Show.
  • One silly virgin: Mike, who was there as the result of some virgin on virgin action (ooh).
  • ”Visitors”: not technically visitors, Liz a long r*nning manhattan hasher finally graced the BH3 with her presence, Drag Hag (yours truly) drank for her triumphant return from the land of escargot.
  • Drag Hag again, for being unprepared to drink the biggest down-down ever.
  • B-days: Ivory Dickler & Trader Blows (happy birthday f*ck you).
  • Some short AND long cutters: Baboon Ass, Oral Values, Shit Fit, Wet Willy and Splat!
  • Hat Trick for texting (my money’s on his mom), and wearing corona pygamas.
  • Miracles do happen: Fast American Dave solved a check. Impressive.
  • Some loyal hashers: Whoremaster and Smashmouth for driving to the BH3 from Connecticut.
  • And our hares were made to drink again for not asking the bartenders to turn the music down.

I wish there had been some sort of shenanigans post-circle to write about, but alas. A ton of pizza was ordered- so much so in fact, that much of it was leftover. I would complain further, but hash cash lasted pretty late into the evening. Yours truly was challenged to a pasta sauce cook-off for running my mouth about food blogs. Seeing as how we had no choice, we bravely headed to the G train where we waited… forever. Henceforth let us not have on-in’s off the G train! Please??!!

On out!

Drag Hag