GGFM #227

Friday January 1st 2010


New Years Day Recovery R#n

Hares: Brittany

Start: Grand & Roebling at a bar called Clem’s

On-In: Bushwick Country Club (CC) on Grand & Leonard

Its 2010, and Clem’s played host to a festive group of hashers. Many it seamed had not stopped the party from 2009. These party favor wearing pack members were successful in inspiring everyone to run the 3.1 mile eagle trail through some scenic portions of Greenpoint and Williamsburg.  Alas, even this short distance proved to be too much for a hung over pack.

It was only through teamwork and alcholol flavored sweat that the pack reached the Bushwick CC. This place included at hot tattooed bartender, pickles, street inspired artwork, and backyard bbq. Great job on the grill Pussy in Boots; And special thanks to Empress Norma for including all of the snacks and contraceptives.

We had a Virgin who immediately got into the hashing spirit when he was asked if he will come back to the GGFM.  Just Jake said “Yea, but not this one.”

There was a plethora of visitors from across the planet. Whore of Sarajevo and Free Willie are from Sarajevo. Also we had Puppy Love Machine from NOLA and Teflon from Boston. All the visitors fit right in with the pack but should not be invited back for health and sanitation reasons.

For a memorable downdown make sure you include a little bit of nudity, a story about alcohol related injury, and found objects.  Here are some highlights:

Just Liz was called to the circle so that she could explain a remarkable situation where she fell of a bed and hit a dresser with her face. The lighting in Bushwick CC did not allow the pack to properly inspect her black eye and cut mouth so Ding! was called up to shine a little light on the damage. Mysteriously and convieniently he was in possession of an industrial flashlight. The pack is always helpful in these situations and many pack members offered alternate and more embarrassing stories to fit just Liz’s horrific injuries. By far the best came from Snatch who said “tell people that Tiger Wood’s wife beat you up!”

Random quote: “Tony’s head is amazing!” – who said that?

There was a naming! A cherished member of the pack, Tony was caught changing in the photo booth.  What sounds like a private and less than photogenic moment was actually an exhibitionist endeavor backlit by day glow novelty.  A communal naming process resulted in an appropriate handle of ‘Nads On Film. Thank Splat later for your crowd-pleasing hash name. 

A visitor, Puppy Love Machine, put the full moon in GGFM when he lifted his kilt on trail and then again in the CC. Eyewitnesses report that “It was kinda harry.”  

Hat Trick was called into the circle for being the most obnoxious member of the pack. His homemade new years hat was responsible for most of the on-trail cat calls. Unfortunately he drank two Styrofoam down-downs for failing to remove the same hat.

On to the photo shoot. Did you miss the five some in the photo booth? Sounds fun doesn’t it. Apparently harriets Death Breast and Technically foul were taking profile pictures for