NYCH3 #1355


Mickey Mouth’s 8th Annual Birthday Riddle R*n

NYC Hash # 1355

Sunday January 10, 2010 at 3:00 pm

Hares: Mickey Mouth and her Mouthketeers: Mean Jean, Fire in the PieHole, US Marine
Whore, Danny and Dave Too Long

Start: Tiffany’s, 57th and 5th

On-In: Bar East Ale House, 89th and 1st

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at Tiffany’s for the post-holiday sale but we were saved from buying tacky, overpriced jewelry by the cry “Oy Oy Oy!”.  The hares explained the theme of the day’s r*n to the most attentive group of hashers ever.  And we were off to our trails.

Those of us that tried to run the traditional trail were quickly thwarted by the first check that led to all falses.  So we resigned ourselves to having to use our brains as well as our feet.  We started puzzling our way through some pretty tough riddles such as:

The difference twixt a pit-bull and a hockey mom: Lipstick Building

Mickey Mouth’s default bar: Blackstone’s

Aerie way to visit Typhoid Mary: Tram

Orion’s School or The Deer ______: Hunter College

A museum so slick, for boys and chicks, it’s so close, so get on your toes, it’s named after a man called _____: Frick Museum

Eat Me: Alice in Wonderland

Where NY’s loser baseball team goes for culture: Met

Mickey Mouth’s new age __ (ave) __ (0th st): 3rd ave and 80th st

 Say Goodnight ______: Gracie Mansion

Unscramble “a baster”: Bar East

After exercising our brains and feet for so long, it was time to exercise our arms and hoist a few at Bar East.

Down-Downs went to:

The Hares!

Mickey Mouth for her birthday

The virgin, Beth (Lauren made her cousin come)

The 2 visitors from Miami

Fireman Tim got one so he’ll remember to pick on someone his own speed.

Lesley got one for an unknown offense

Redheaded Steve got one for not knowing Danny

After a while our arms started to get tired and we heard that hash cash was out, and so was I.