BH3 #494

BH3 #494

January 4, 2010

Hares: Eager 4 Beaver

Start: Cadman Plaza W and Middagh St

On In: The Sackett

Scribe: Death Breast


Oh, what better a way to start out the deliciously new 2010 than with a freeeezing hash starting somewhere close to some bridges in Brooklyn? A surprisingly large group of people showed up at the corner eagerly awaiting Eager 4 Beaver to get the hell on with the show. We compared cold r*unning gear and whined to each other. A few brave (dumb) souls stripped down to their shorts, and Fire in the Piehole topped that by stripping down to a t-shirt.

Because, my friends, this is the BH3. The place to be on Mondays. If not there, where? And if not then, when?

All seriousness aside, the pack started off. We were made to r*n through the dark, cold, abandoned DUMBO. I cursed the hare when we were made to run around in a circle by that uppity waterfront restaurant. Many were lost when the trail made its way into the middle of the street under the bridges. Mean Jean the Down Down Machine commented on trail that E4B should be renamed something to the effect of Tricky Bastard. We burrrred and concurred.

We ended up in the lovely Park Slope at a new OnIn that was not meant for that many sweaty hashers at once. But, we’re a friendly, close bunch. My glasses steamed up upon arrival and the locals at the bar were blessed with our stink for the evening.

The lovely Just Erin played us some running songs as her alter ego Lady Southpaw for her birthday as we all started diving into the relatively strong IPA.

Down Downs:

-Hare Eager 4 Beaver for setting trail at all.

E4B who ordered pizza from Papa John’s after having bad mouthed the joint in the past.

-Visitor/Welcome back to Beth

Mean Jean the Down Down Machine for being a fake visitor

-Virgin Alyssa

Alyssa again for wearing a Reservoir Dogs hat

There was then a Sexy Legs Competition for the idiots who wore shorts: Legal in Some States, Ding, and Fire in the Piehole. Even with the full removal of Ding‘s pants, Fire in the Piehole easily won.

-A naming! Marie was named Pissicle because she had to pee the whole run and was scared it would "freeze inside her." Fantastic considering she’s in med school.

Just Erin was called up for singing and trying to be better than everyone

-A birthday down down for Just Erin


The mayhem continued after the circle as always. I must have had a few too many IPAs since I didn’t remember I was supposed to do the writeup until I found the notes in my pants pocket today.


On Out!

Death Breast