NYCH3 #1354


NYCH3 #13 

  HARES: Splat! and Just Holly 

  START: Essex Street Market at Essex & Delancey        ON IN: Destination Bar, Ave A @ 13th St


  SCRIBE: Just Kathy


Yep, I fell for the ‘you’re my best friend ever’ line that 

Brittany mutters at the start of every NYCH3 on in to 

obtain her scribe. 

  A hardy turnout for so such a frigid

and blustery day… all in all about 40 hashers braved the

 fierce weather.  According to 

  the temp at 3pm was about 17°F (which equates to a 

 ‘feels like 5°F’) and wind gusts up to 10mph.  Yet, a few 

  crazy hashers (named Bill and Devo) donned shorts for 

 the run.The trail had a chicken/eagle (aka Eskimo) split 

  which added about 2 miles to the established 3 for the 

  chickens.  The hares proclaimed that all falses were 

 marked, which proved later to be a false statement 


 Complaints were bountiful on the Eagle trail – 

running all the way east to Ave D (does that really 

exist?!) and then up the East River in what felt like 

  30mph wind gusts.   Speaking from a chicken that ran 

 in the back of the pack, the trail was well marked and a 

 pleasant digression from the recent runs over bridges 

 and through hellish tourist spots. 


On In was at a cool 

 space in the East Village, Destination Bar, and hash 

 cash was discounted $5 from the normal $20 due to 

 hashers being on their own for food. Big mistake 

  because we all know we will always choose alcohol 

 over food with our extra $5 and we all know what 

 happens when our bellies are devoid of food.  Poor Ed 

  Lunch looked horrified and didn’t know how to eat 

 enough for a week when no food was supplied at the 

 on in!  There were plenty of down-downs to go around, 


 ·        Hares – Splat and Just Holly (Hymn) 

   ·        Visitors & Virgins  – PuppyLoveMachine from New Orleans and the 4 newbies (serenaded by PuppyLoveMachine with a NOLA song that has way too many verses for the NYCH3 to ever learn)  

    ·        Injured Hashers – Liz for getting a black eye from losing a fight with her bedroom dresser; and Roy who apparently hurt his manboob while falling during the Westchester Hash on Friday   

 ·       Steamer for trying to refill his ‘cup o’necklace’ with a glass of beer that was twice the size and then not knowing what to do with the extra (Bimbo)   

   ·       Returnees – Steamer (indefinitely returned), Spermatologist (who sadly moves to Seattle on Tuesday), Jumpin’ Jack Gash (headed back to Dubai for awhile) and Devo (moved back to NYC for now)    


     ·       YankIt for already completing his New Years resolution to be nice to others by picking up a hat someone left behind. (#1)       

   ·       Another down down for PuppyLoveMachine for chatting up two women civilians at the bar as soon as he entered the on in (Twenty Toes)       

   ·       AOTW – Ed Lunch for knocking FastAmericanDave out of the way on trail.        


  ·       Another down down for our hares who lied about ‘all falses being marked’ unless this trail was ‘on six’ rather than ‘on three’!


 On Out.