NAWW #199

Date:                            December 23, 2009

NAWW Hash #:          199

Hare:                            “Just Dan” Bartos

Start Location:              Columbus Circle

On In:                           Blondie’s [212 West 79 Street, New York, NY 10024 – (212) 362-4360,]

Scribe:                          Joe Pennsylvania



Two days before Christmas and the NAWW set a trail.  Twasn’t many folks in town, most local hashers chose to bail!


Alright – I will stick with my day job.  “Just Dan” Bartos set this trail, NAWW #199, on a cold and blustery wintry Wednesday evening.  About 10 hashers showed up at Columbus Circle to run the trail, several more to act as bag bitches.  Our pack included one virgin, Drew, who came with the young lady formerly known as “Just Rebecca”.  More on that below.


At 7:10PM, Dan gave us instructions, to the effect of “trail is set in Kool-Aid and after that ran out, chalk, it’s cold and icy out there, be careful, 5 miles long, if you get lost, go to Belvedere Castle, and that there is one check”.  That latter statement drew the ire of the male half of Stewa, who complained that hashing involves checks and there should be at least 8 checks on a hash.  To which Dan noted that he was a last minute hare, did the best he could dealing with the snow and ice, and if you didn’t like it, to go f- yourselves!


Hey — at least we had one check – last Sunday’s run in Manhattan included zero checks!


Anyway, we were off at 7:15PM.  The trail sent us immediately into dark, snowy and icy Central Park, over some rocks, then over to the Sheep Meadow, which was open when Dan set trail, but the gate into the Meadow was locked when the pack came by.  The pack deduced that the trail would come out the other end towards the Bandshell, which it did.  We then headed over to Bethesda Fountain, up into the Ramble, up to Belvedere Castle, halfway around the reservoir, out of the Park around 90th Street, over to Riverside Park, down to 79th Street and on in at Blondie’s.  The pack largely stayed together in two groups, the larger pack in front and the lagging group consisting of Basia and the female half of Stewa behind.  Yours truly, who ran most of the trail with Technically Foul, arrived together with Ms. Foul at Blondie’s at 8:06PM, just behind the main pack.  Basia and Ewa sauntered in 15 minutes or so after.  The trail was indeed about 5 miles long as the hare claimed.  Just to be conservative, 4.5 miles will be entered in the ol’ running log.


Blondie’s is a distinguished and popular West Side sports bar, absolutely packed to the gills on Saturdays during the college football season.  But Blondie’s was not so busy on this Wednesday night.  The hashers gathered in a back room that Dan reserved for the occasion.  General chat conversation included Rangers hockey, Nina’s party going on simultaneously on 31st Street, whether there is more oxygen at the bottom of the ocean versus the top of the ocean (a topic that Mickey Mouth is apparently very passionate about!), long-distance relay races, types of PDA devices currently out there, and much, much more such riveting conversation.  Dan ordered plates of chicken fingers in sufficient quantities to satisfy the hunger of the hashers in attendance.


Four Wheel Drive called the circle to order and commenced the ceremonial down downs.  First though, she ordered me to do the write up.  Eight down downs in total were awarded to:


·        The hare, Dan

·        Drew, our virgin, who when asked who made him cum, pointed to Just Rebecca and said “That One”

·        Mickey Mouth and Ow My Balls! – for being gimps

·        Just Dan again for writing NYCH3 as the starting mark instead of NAWW.  He was serenaded with the “Number 1” song.

·        Formerly “Just Rebecca” was given a hash name.  She is to be know now as “That One”

·        Crouching Tiger was bestowed a down down for not running the trail, but instead just running straight to the bar

·        And Four Wheel Drive was nominated by the crowd for being unprepared for the circle.


Hashers then munched on chicken fingers and drank the beer almost as fast as it could be delivered by the waitress.  Hash cash ran out at 9:23PM (just about the time that Death Breast entered the facility).  Most hashers lingered for a bit longer and then departed.  And upon the departure of the last hasher, this small, intimate, NAWW Hash #199, was entered into the history books.


Merry Christmas to All!


On out, team!