NAWW #198


NAWW #198

December 9, 2009

Start: Broadway and Whitehall St. by the Charging Bull statue

Hares: Finger Me First & BJ and the Bareback

On-In: Lucky Jack’s (129 Orchard St. near Delancey St.)

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered near the Charging Bull statue and watched as some men took turns sticking their heads up the bull’s @ss.  No wonder the bull looks so annoyed.

Then we were off.  I had agreed to do the write-up and stayed behind for a minute to take notes so I wouldn’t have to depend on my beer-addled brain later.  Needless to say, I got left far behind and ended up running much of the trail like a bloodhound, head down, looking for marks.  Kudos to the hares for laying a good trail.  Curses to the hares for pointing arrows right into immovable obstacles.

Some notable sights on trail (not that I could enjoy them with a splitting headache from running headfirst into a locked gate) were The Irish Hunger Memorial and Teardrop Park where trail went down a sliding board that was quite sticky from too many sweaty hasher @sses.  There we had a drink check manned by BJ and the Bareback.

After a few more miles through Chinatown and Little Italy, trail ended up at Lucky Jack’s where we had much pizza and beer.

Then we convened the circle and the Down-Downs started.  And were promptly interrupted by Basia coming in at just the right time for her tasty beverage.

So then the Down-Downs continued…

The Hares: Finger Me First & BJ and the Bareback

Doggie Erectus for complaining about arrows pointing into immovable obstacles

Paul, the Virgin, from Oregon

The Visitors: Devo (recently returned to the NYC Hash by way of Dubai and London), Panty Ho from Seattle and Booty Call from who-knows-where

Taxidermist got one for his birthday

Smashmouth got one for making friends with the indigenous tribes of the area

Ivory Dickler got one for wearing a r@ce shirt

Smashmouth got another one for fake hiccups

Dogface got one for drinking all the beer before the slobbering pack arrived at the On-In

Eager for Beaver and Hot Rod got one for whispering sweet nothings to each other

Alice got one for showing up late and looking like a pumpkin

Then we closed the circle and drank more beer.  When the hash-cash ran out, so was I, on my way home to nurse my bruised forehead.