NYCH3 #1351

NYC H3 HASH #1351

December 13th, 2009

Start location: East Broadway and Canal St.

Hares: Dr Steve and Sorry, What?

On-In: East River Bar, Williamsburg

Scribe: Trader Blows

How I got suckered into doing the write-up is still a mystery, but it was only

a matter of time before I got cornered by Brittany, so here goes…

A sizeable pack gathered on the corner of East Broadway and Canal to

celebrate the festival of lights. Since it’s so much fun-akkah to celebrate

hanukkah… the turn out was surprising, considering it was pouring rain,

and cold. Dr Steve distributed the celebratory white yalmulkas and with the

words "The first mark is on the other side of the bridge", we were…. yes, I

said it, the first mark of the trail was about a mile and a half away. I guess

that’s how the jews do it. The bridge was terrible, cross-wind, rain in the

face, yalmulkas getting ripped off people’s heads and slowly sailing into the

East River… ahhhh.

On the Brooklyn side, we circled around south Williamsburg for a bit and

thankfully arrived at the On-In, where we ran into some colorful local folks

who, I believe, earlier in the day held a funeral for a bike lane!?! (

Yes, there IS something in the water.

Without further ado, here are the down downs:

Hares – Dr. Steve and Sorry, What?

Visitor – Brigham Tongue from Boston H3

Virgins – Kathleen. Brigham Tongue made her come.

Stewa – Smashmouth award for carefully navigating the entire trail without

injury only to bust his ass at the on in while stretching.

Jess – A birthday down-down

Patrick – for going to the wrong start location.

There was a ceremonial menorah lighting with down-downees lighting each

of the candles. The last one, lit by Karma Sutra, was even accompanied by a


After the circle, Sorry, What? was seen guarding the menorah with her life

because, as she told me,

"You can’t put them out!"


Yours truly,
Trader Blows