BH3 #490

BH3 #490
December 7, 2009 (that’s right, the day of)

Virgin Hare: Barnacle
Start: Brooklyn Museum

On-In: Boat Bar
Scribe: Canine Fixation

At last winter has come to New York.  While normally I love winter r*nning, this was bad news for me as I was cursing myself, standing freezing at the start, for deciding to wear shorts rather than tights.  Luckily for me, Barnacle, while being a virgin hare, decided to set the pack off on time at 7:15, a rarity as of late.

Although starting very near Prospect Park, the trail just flirted with it during a check, but instead headed west.  The trail took us through various shady areas (the hare warned of tenement complexes at the start), over the Gowanus, and up (or down?) Smith Street before ending in Carroll Gardens at the dimly lit, but otherwise awesome Boat Bar.  In the end, I was thanking myself for being stupid and not wearing tights as I learned that 38o is actually warm enough for shorts.

But enough about that, it’s time for what you came here for – the down-downs:

  • Barnacle – for setting a surprisingly well-marked trail.  Seems that someone took the “can never have too many marks” mantra to heart.
  • Barnacle – for dumbing things up by asking whether the touch-tone password for the hotline was case-sensitive.
  • Barnacle (again) – for flying off to somewhere the next day, he was called up for a down-down so that his flight the next morning can be as pleasant as possible.
  • Visitor – a pseudo-transplant hasher Cumfessional from Portland, Maine.  She’ll be around until January just checking out the city.
  • Virgin – we did indeed have one this late in the year, Paul.  Fun fact: although he went to the same college (but didn’t overlap in years) and the same grad school (one overlapping year) as I (all in the same department), he actually just came on his own.
  • A naming: Red Headed Steve was named Shitfit for having the balls to show up in Brooklyn after complaining just the day before about ending at a Brooklyn bar on the NYCH3.  As he was handed his down-down beer, he threw it onto FMIG who, in retribution, threw an entire pint of Guinness.  Some awkwardness ensued.  It is unclear to the scribe if the naming stuck.
  • Whoremaster (hey, the name stuck!) – for being completely upstaged by the virgin hare in his trail marking skills.  For those who’ve never had the good/bad luck to r*n a trail hared by both, the mark frequency was 1/4 mile/mark vs 1/2 block/mark, respectively.
  • Smashmouth came up and gave a tribute for his dearly departed dog, Daisy, for which the hash was a tribute.  Donations will be made in her name to the Best Friends animal society (donations can be made for those at home at

And then came the accusations:

  • Smashmouth called up Barnacle for providing the wrong closest subway info on the hotline.
  • The Saint called up Whoremaster for his infatuation with having trails go over the Gowanus many many times.
  • Canine Fixation called up FMIG, Death Breast, Amy, and Melanie for being lazy bums and shortcutting part of the trail.
  • In response, they called up Canine Fixation for being the one who provided the shortcut in the first place.  It’s true; no good deed goes unpunished.
  • Ding! called up Dental Damned for apparently having been solicited by a crack whore on trail.  How saucy…

With the down-down beers out, the circle broke, and we turned towards the pizza.  Amazingly, I left before hash cash ran out as I have a final the following morning.  Which reminds me, maybe I should study for that instead of doing this stupid writeup.

On out,

Canine Fixation.

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