BH3 #488

Monday November 23, 2009
Start: 25th Street and 4th Avenue
On-In: Moe’s
Hares: Dental Damned

I’m quite certain I was asked to do this write up as punishment for always talking during the circle – of course I was discussing pizza toppings rather than paying attention and now find myself trying to decipher notes a week later to do this write-up.  Maybe I’ll learn my lesson and actually pay attention next time!

It was a cold night the week of Thanksgiving and our hare Dental Damned read from a pre-written script to start the night.  We were told to bring any of our complaints about the trail home for Thanksgiving, so I won’t complain too much.  Much of the trail was similar to the Hash for the Prospect Park Alliance, up and down the streets of Park Slope.

We made it to the on-in about 4 miles later, depending on whose GPS you trust the most.  We had a nice selection of beer for our hash-cash and from what I hear they poured an excellent Guinness.  

The down downs went as follows:
To the hare, Dental Damned
To the visitors and virgins
To Tin-tin for passing on the left
To Technically Foul for being racist
To Dogface, Roger, and Beaver who told the committee to make shit up
Ding was awarded a down down to give away – I got that down down
To Canine Fixation and Matthew for short cutting the trail