NYCH3 #1349


November 29th, 2009


Start location: was closer to Boston  (125th and Broadway)


Hares: Cockstar & PussyRepellent


Pre-lube: Dinosaur’s BBQ (This is in no way a shout out to Dino’s BBQ, EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!)


On-In: DIVE 106 (Amsterdam and 106th)


Scribe: I Like Head (Raj)


The Hills of Harlem were alive with the sounds of "On On", Huffin and Puffin (not the fun kind), and obnoxious hash comments!!


After a heavy Thanksgiving meal that lasted 3 days, a few of us were thankful that hashing was an excuse to burn some of the calories accumulated (either by drinking eating or both) over the weekend.

At the start, we were entertained by a photo shoot of a model (she will still be fat in Ethiopia/Somalia) and some of us were hoping (or maybe wondering) if she will make a good hood ornament on NYC taxi, standing in the middle of the traffic.


Thanks to the MTA, not number 5, number 4, number 3, number 2, but number 1 train was not running to 125th, some hashers had to take a detour. Some just chose to run to the start! One of the hashers went all the way to 168th street and back tracked to the start.


After the standard chalk talk, chalk hand out, some graffiti by visitor/s on the subway wall, we set off to the HILLS OF HARLEM trail.


The trail led us through supposed "shiggy", back of a super market, the pathways of City College, the highways of the Westside etc, etc, etc… IT WAS ALL UP HILL. At one point, I thought I am going to die of hypobaropathy.


The only good thing that came out of it was.. it allowed some harrietes to catch up with me… and being chivalrous, I let them pass, “seeking” inspiration to finish the trail…


After the mostly Ups and some downs of the trail, I was ready to hit the On In…and DOH!! I see Stewa at the window, changing and toweling off his sweaty body!! I waited hoping to see some harriet do the same… but was left disappointed… BOO!


At the On In, beer flowed… with many micro brews and standard fare beers


Some chit chat later… the circle convened starting with the hymn to the hares, Cockstar and Pussy Repellent!

This was followed with ‘Brother hashers’ to visitors (some from Dubai and one from Maine, who guards Xmas trees! if you need one, go to 159th and Broadway)


Trying to remember who the virgin was…but we sang to him/her as well.


Next we sang the Bimbo song to the NH Virgin for defacing subway walls with chalk and other trail offenses…


The Wank song was administered to Junky Monkey for using a heart rate monitor….so ladies, a heart available to be stolen…


Mastercard (is her twin sister’s name Visa?) "Ought to be publicly pissed on" for not checking something… (Notes were not taken by me)


Fast American Dave was sung some song… for falsely accusing the hares for having rehearsal dinner at the On In!!


For a full display/demonstration on how to towel off in a bar, in full view of the world… STEWA WAS CROWNED AOTW as all sang the A Ssoldier song


Mac and Cheese with hot dogs was served… beer continued to flow… and I was suckered into doing this write up…


On Out!!