NYCH3 #1346

NYCH3 #1346

Sunday November 8, 2009

Hares: Dogface and Splat

Start: Dyckman and Broadway

On-In: Keenan’s, 204th and Broadway

Scribe: Long Winded Hash Hole

The hares arranged for a beautiful fall day with temperatures well above normal (a climate guy can say these things) – soak in while you can, before we are plunged into the frigid gloom of winter!  The hares were on time to meet up with an initially meager-sized group that ballooned to impressive numbers with the arrival of the last two trains. 

Among the throng were overachievers from last week’s NYC Marathon who managed to will their broken bodies back into r*nning service, some for the 1st time since that really long trail they ran last week.  Fire-In-The-Piehole’s geek sheet (a marvel in Excel Spreadsheet geekdome) showed that they had some amazing performances then – kudos (!) and welcome back to real r*nning with higher BPM trials (beers per mile).

After the virgin chalk talk, we were away, heading north into Inwood Hill Park.  From there… let’s see… the trial had leaves, HILLS, leaves and… oh yeah, leaves.  Although they made the trail slick, I didn’t hear any reports of calamity on trail.  The trail was very well marked, which is a bit surprising given all the leaf ground-cover (and yeah, I know I’ll burn in hash hell for that compliment).  FMIG (one of those overachievers) and I were left behind by the pack before long; so I can’t offer observations of the packs meanderings and mishaps.  At one point, we came across a mysterious “NYC” and an arrow that we inferred meant “NYC HHH” and we should follow it although, as FMIG pointed out, NYC *surrounded* us.  The promised chicken-eagle split appeared after we emerged from the woods.  Being a thirsty lame-o, I took the chicken and, to my delight, found it only a short distance more to the On-In at Keenan’s and beer glorious
beer.  The eagles were arriving about then and, given the lack of cursing, without trail issues.  Beer was swilled and pizzas devoured.  And for the down-downs:

Hares: For laying trail, naturally.

Virgins:  Two female virgins, friends of Barf-fly (actually, one was a virgin the prior week but was up there to support her gal pal).  Both “virgins” had valiantly fought off the temptation to attend church instead of going to the hash (there is hope for them yet!) and I note that one of them seemed a wee bit taken aback by the “little flat chested” part of their down-down song :-o)

Visitors: Two: one gent from the Jolly Roger hash in Tampa Bay, FL; the other was Carolyn, Trips & Balls’s look-alike sister from exotic Concord, NH (and when one sister drinks, they ALL drink!)

I Feel Tower and Barf-fly for a yin-yang DD:  Barf-fly for avoiding a pee-ER on trail, and I Feel Tower for pee-ING on trail.

Long Winded Hash Hole: For trying to parlay his confusion of the “NYC” arrow on trail into a hare DD, which naturally back fired.

Naming: Amalea shall be henceforth known as “Crotchless Panties,” for managing to split not one but TWO pairs of pants on this fine afternoon.

Scot "Scooter" Gleason: For canine on trail (a Chihuahua-German Shepard mix, rumor has it).

Lunch: Nominated by Dogface for something about the bleeding “NYC” arrow on trail.

AOTW: Lunch, for having his disgusting, rank, fowl, putrid, aromatic socks on the table where our luscious food was to appear.

Keenan’s kept their streak alive of having beer lasting long on hash cash but, when it was gone, so was I.

On out!